Why Charter a yacht?

Why Charter a yacht?

In this article, we hope to encourage any people out there who are looking into everything centred around yachts to learn more about yacht for charter. There are a plethora of reasons and benefits to chartering a yacht, and we shall be going over a number of them here.

Choosing a yacht

International charter companies like Moran yacht & ship have a strong reputation built over years to protect, so you can be sure that the luxury yacht you choose to charter will be the yacht you get exactly as described – yachts which are safe, clean, well-maintained, and ready to go to sea.

Whatever your cabin size, number of guests, or crew needs are, our professional specialists can provide the knowledge regarding which options from the entire fleet will offer the perfect environment for your vacation. They visit many yachts personally each year to ensure that they have the fullest knowledge of the best options to make sure you make the ideal choice based on your individual needs.


When you charter a luxury private yacht, it becomes your home away from home. You may request any items, foods, drinks or other that you wish to have on-board. If you enjoy culinary adventures, you will be very happy to know that you can also have these on your chartered yacht, where a professional chef is ready to prepare any meal on the menu. 

The cuisine served varies from yacht to yacht. Prior to departure, you will be given a preference sheet, which gives you the chance to outline your preferences in categories such as general cuisine. You can state a preference for the times meals are to be served at, and the type of ingredients to be used. Any special dietary requirements can also be outlined here. 

There experts are on board to teach you activities like how to sea kayak, dive, snorkel, and more without having to book time with an instructor. 


Hotels stay where they are, and cruise ships have a strict schedule which they have to adhere to. So chartering a yacht is the ultimate vacation as it is inherently flexible. All you have to do is book your vacation time, and then, once on board, your itinerary is really up to you, and you can experience the most exciting locations from an entirely different perspective. From the town quay of your favourite little Italian village, to being at the Monaco Grand Prix, or the raw and thrilling wilderness of Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands, where you can spend a day island hopping and exploring the different island cultures and the secluded beaches of each island.

A private yacht is a sanctuary from the outside world where you will find peace to be yourself along with your friends and family. Whether you are chartering to celebrate, party, or just get away from it all. The sheer freedom that exists on board, surrounded in peaceful luxury cannot be matched. Peace and serenity in complete privacy

Buying a Yacht

Yacht charter is a perfect way to find out exactly what you’re looking for before you buy or build a yacht of your own. There are a vast array of different types of yachts which are available for you to choose from. 

So, in this way you can get first-hand experience by sampling yachts of several different sizes and styles that offer a wide range of amenities from spa tubs to submarines. In fact, many experienced yacht owners choose to charter first, in order to determine their must-have lists for a new build. It’s a win-win: conduct some great hands-on research and enjoy a fabulous holiday at the same time. Then benefit from your informed list of priorities when it comes to the yacht that you want to buy or that which you would like to build from scratch.

We hope that we have given you a solid set of reasons, as well as some incentive to read into yacht chartering in order to be enlightened on the benefits of this kind of vacationing in contrast to taking a cruise. We would definitely recommend this and encourage you to take the plunge and try the yacht chartering experience for yourself.


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