Simple DIY Projects You Can Do At Home To Recreate Your Spaces

DIY Projects
White hanging shelves with framed taxidermy insect art such as dragonflies and a beetle in a black and white interior with plants

Recreating your spaces involves a bit of creativity, resourcefulness, and willingness to learn new things that you can apply on your next DIY project. While you have more time to stay at home, it’s high time to reinvent and experiment to come up with a more beautiful, organized, and comfortable living space. 

If you’re looking for ideas about doing something worthwhile at home, this article summarizes four (4) simple DIY projects to make your home your personal haven. 

  1. Create Your Home Office

If you want to have a home office, you can free some space and create a workplace extension. For instance, you can install a plywood divider to demarcate space in your living room and avoid children from interrupting you while you are working in your mini office. 

This DIY project would require basic construction tools and supplies. However, if you want a major home addition as your office, you can contact Watara Homes to handle this project for you. 

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2. Create DIY Floating Shelves

If you have an unused corner in your living room or bedroom, you can install a set of floating corner shelves. Most people leave corners empty, but corners can be valuable spaces. 

You don’t have to buy new shelves because it’s easy to make one with old wood or recycled wood. With floating shelves, you can turn an empty corner into an amazing shelving system where you can display your photo frames, décor, or books. Here’s how to create DIY floating shelves:

  • Gather Tools and Supplies: Prepare all the things you need including 2 x 10 inches pine board, ½ inch paddle bit, hand or bench router (dado router bit), miter or circular saw, drill press, sandpaper, stain or paint, cloth, paintbrush, pencil, level, and drill.
  • Cut the Board: Create cost-effective DIY floating shelves from a larger piece of wood that you can cut it into sections. 
  • Create a Notch: To accommodate the hardware, you need to create a notch at the back of each shelf using a hand router (about ½ inch deep).
  • Drill Holes for the Hardware: Create holes (about 4 inches deep) by using the paddle bit if you are using a hand drill.
  • Sand and Stain: Sand all rough edges and wipe extra sawdust. Then, apply a stain or paint.
  • Hang the Shelves: Once dry, you can install the hardware to hang your floating shelves.

3. Revamp Your Entertainment Space

Cold winter nights and longer home stays can make your entertainment space more in demand than ever. However, long hours of watching TV, video games, and other plug-in entertainment devices can mean higher electricity bills. So how do you recreate your entertainment space to ensure that it fits your budget for your monthly utility bill? Here are some basic tips to recreate your entertainment space.

  • Control Lighting: A common design tip is allowing for lots of light so that everyone can come together and watch a game. However, watching a film or playing a video game can be more immersive in a darker environment, transforming your home into a more entertaining haven. It’s wise to invest in dark curtains or room-darkening blinds to block out the sun and light when you don’t need it.
  • Redefine Viewing Experience: It’s possible to redefine viewing space, most particularly to entertain the guest by investing in a 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Projector.
  • Install Seating Strategy: If you have a large group, a simple platform provides your room with stadium seating, giving everyone “at-the-game” feel. You can also opt for an open arrangement, placing display tables behind seating whenever guests come over. 
  • Add Extra Comforts: Add a mini-fridge, a portable air conditioner, a mini-bar, or a dehumidifier. These tiny additions can make your entertainment space more enjoyable.

4. Recreate Your Kitchen

There are times when the kitchen space becomes super busy. No wonder, fixtures can easily wear out. Take a good look at your kitchen and think about recreating the space into something more functionally inspiring. 

Check out these tips to recreate your kitchen:

  • Replace Your Faucet: Change and upgrade your faucet for ease of use. Consider installing one with three-function spray. With a wrench and other basic home improvement tools, you can easily replace your kitchen faucet.
  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Repaint your kitchen cabinets if you don’t have a budget for replacing them yet. Choose a paint that dries hard to prevent easy wear and tear. Use a satin finish that can hide imperfections.
  • A Magically Spacious Cookery: It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is, you can always make it bigger by hanging mirrors on bare walls to light up dark corners. 


The DIY projects summarized in this article are simple and easy to do. You can recreate your living room and add a home office, your entertainment space, a kitchen, or add floating shelves here and there. Using basic home improvement tools, you can turn your home into a more beautiful and comfortable place for you and your loved ones.



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