Benefits of choosing RASP architecture

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There are several benefits of choosing the RASP architecture for your mobile apps. This does not wait for the threat to impact your apps and takes a proactive approach to handle the fraudulent requests. In this way, all the malicious requests made to the app do not get processed and this reduces the chances of the app getting compromised by a huge margin. There is no need for manual intervention when you can set the automatic blocking mode in the RASP security software.

Design flaws in apps

According to recent data, several mobile apps have a high risk of getting compromised due to their security architecture. The apps have very weak interprocess communication systems and this leads to a lot of loopholes in the system. These design flaws are usually ignored as the developers focus more on building the attractive features of the apps. Apart from that, they have to deal with deadline pressures in most cases while building the apps. Given this situation, the flaws that are neglected at the design level can come back to haunt them in the future when there is any security threat due to an attack or malware program.

Developers take traditional approach

It is not that developers do not care about the threats coming towards their apps. However, their initial focus is on developing a stable app that can perform well under different conditions. Instead of taking proactive measures, they rely on traditional measures as this saves them a lot of time in the initial stages. They are not prepared to handle the complex threats and only focus on handling the conventional security threats.

The security programs are positioned outside of the program and it is not possible to process the attacks in real time. The security program steps into action after a threat is detected and the damage could have been done by that time in most cases. The applications that are designed to protect the apps sit in a fragmented environment and it is not easy for the program to get real time data. This means that a fool-proof security system is not in place and the developers rely on the tried and tested approach when it comes to handling threats. While this may be a good option when it comes to dealing with normal threats, they crumble while dealing with complex threats as they can do the damage in a short duration of time.

How can RASP benefit your security measures?

Using RASP can be beneficial for your mobile security in many ways. To begin with, it starts working on all the incoming requests and monitors them in real time to safeguard your code. Apart from that, it is also useful in other ways mentioned below.

RASP stays inside the app

Due to this advantage, the security program is able to detect threats in a better way when compared to conventional programs that stay out of the app in a separate location. Monitoring threats in real time becomes easy with this proximity and it also limits the number of resources needed to process the threats.

False positive alerts are reduced

Due to high accuracy of the security programs, many false positives are reduced and this saves a lot of time for the developers. The program also provides an opportunity for the developers to improve the security measures in future by analyzing the nature of attacks.

Cost effective approach

This is a cost effective approach when compared to other security programs that rely on manual intervention. In this situation, the security programs alert the administrators or block the requests completely according to your settings. With this option, you will be able to limit the number of resources used for securing your apps.

Prevents attacks before they do any damage

The security program works on every request and nullifies them whenever anything suspicious is noticed by the program. In this way, the program does not wait for the malicious request to be processed at all in the first place. The malicious request will not be able to do any damage when it is terminated before it gets through the app into the server and storage networks.

RASP consumes less resources

When it is configured in the proper manner, RASP consumes very less resources. However, you must ensure that you are dealing with the right service providers who have good experience in developing security programs for mobile apps. The problem that happens when the program is not working in sync with your platform is that it consumes a lot of resources and this can slow down the performance of your apps. If you notice any such problems while using this security program, you can turn it off and get in touch with the service providers to sort the issue.

Easy to turn off security program

The best part of using RASP is that you can turn off the security program when it is necessary to test some vulnerabilities. As the program comes with an off mode, you will be able to pass all the requests without the program monitoring them. In this way, all the requests can be approved without any scrutiny. Such measures are not available in the traditional security systems and you have to deal with a lot of hurdles when you want to shut them temporarily. On the other hand, it is easy to switch off the RASP solution and turn it on again as per your convenience.

In this way, your apps will become more secured when you choose to use the RASP technology. There is no need to wait till an attack happens on your app. You will be able to take proactive measures and the security program can work without your intervention. In this way, it is also cost effective in the long run as you need less resources to handle the attacks in real time. It is also very light on your system and does not slow down the performance of the app in any manner. Considering all these advantages, it makes sense to implement such security programs in your apps.


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