Tips on Finding the Perfect Bird Cages


Pets have always been a popular choice for companionship ever since we have developed domestication. Even though most of us would still prefer the company of humans, there is just something about these animals that still make us feel secure. 

They may not be able to talk like we do, but most of them can still communicate their care and loyalty to us. It can be a challenge to care for them though, but most people find it worthy. As long as they are there with us, we do not mind them living with us. We are even more thankful for their presence.

Unfortunately, not animals can be treated as pets. Even though the definition of this word has expanded, some types are still considered wild and not fully domesticated. Several species of snakes, bugs and large mammals have been kept by people for a long time. 

Most of them claim that they can be tamed because they have let them grow in their care from childhood. However, their wild side will always be there since they have not been integrated into society just yet. According to this link (, some of them also do not have enough brain capacity to understand us to an extent.

Pet Choices are Important

On the other hand, cats and dogs have been a part of our human civilization for a long time. They might not have a lot of similarities other than being mammals, but they have been good companions in their own right. 

Dogs have been known to be faithful and fierce helpers, and they have been serving humans for more than a thousand years. On the other hand, cats were bred due to their ability to hunt rats. However, they have now been integrated into families as well, making them ideal pets for both young and old alike.

However, there is another type of animal that has been becoming more popular: the birds. Now, the first species that was said to be domesticated was the chicken. The main reason why is their meat. You cannot deny that we ate these “fowl” creatures because of their tasty meat and bones. Other species have been bred and domesticated as well like ducks and quails. 

Their eggs also became another food source for us humans. Even though many movements and organizations want to eradicate their consumption, there is still little support to this one. It can be challenging to stop something that has been integrated so deeply in our system.

Nowadays, many other species have been accepted as a pet in many households. Parrots, parakeets, and lovebirds have rather been popular options among many others. 

They might not be as prevalent as cats and dogs when it comes to population size, but there is a certain niche that wants them. They do not need to be kept out for so long, and you need to be here while doing it. Also, they are not prone to behavioral problems like their mammalian counterparts have. 

On the other hand, there is some evidence that most of these avian species have never been domesticated at all. As they are not birds of prey, they do not tend to attack humans. This is why most pet owners believe that they are great pets. 

However, a domesticated animal is a species that has been bred by humans for thousands of years. They might be friendly, but their instincts will always be wild.

This is why it is important to choose the right bird cage for them. They will be staying here for most of their life. Letting them out should be a part of your daily routine, but you need to be careful especially when you are outside of your home. They tend to fly off and be back in the woods. 

Some of them eventually return, but most do not have enough intelligence to recognize it. However, it is a possibility that you may want to avoid it. 

The Best Cages are Made of These


  • Considers Bird Size
  • This is probably the most important factor that you should remember when choosing the right cage. Think about the size of your bird for instance.

They must have the chance to still stretch out their wings while they’re in a confined space. This lets them exercise their wings and also lets them pluck their feathers. It should be a part of their existence as birds and we should not deprive them of that. Check out sites like can help you find the best ones around.

  • Size of the Cage

Next, you need to check whether you have enough space for this container. You may have seen that most of these cages are either suspended on-air or higher ground. This is because we want to make the birds feel that they are away from predators. Most of their antagonists in their natural habitat are on the ground, so you need to make them feel safe. 

  • Enough Bar Space

This will also depend on the size of your cage, and also important if you are going to keep more birds. For example, love birds need to have a companion because they might die living alone. Other bird species may also have the same reaction. Read this article about them to learn more. Smaller birds need to have less than a half-inch of spacing between the bars so that they will not get stuck. Larger birds need to have horizontal bars so that they can go and exercise as well while they are inside. 

  • Quality of Material Used

Lastly, this one is arguably the second most important aspect that you need to consider before buying a cage. This will determine the durability of the product and its capacity to support your pet. 

The best ones in the market are made out of stainless steel as this the most durable yet still not toxic for animals. Also, it should be designed well enough so that it will last for a long time. It should feel solid and be able to support your bird no matter what the size. On the other hand, it should also be sturdy enough to handle being hanged in your chosen location.


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