Breast Augmentation Singapore

Breast Augmentation Singapore

Breast augmentation has been the number one cosmetic surgery for over a decade. It is a procedure for any woman that desired a fuller and more projecting breast. The results from the surgery are: increased the size and shape of the breast. Some women have a naturally smaller size, but the other may lose volume over time from weight loss, pregnancy or aging. The ideal candidates for breast augmentation are women with small breasts that desired better shape and more volume.

What to consider before breast augmentation?

During the consultation, surgeons like Dr Samuel Ho at Allure Plastic Surgery there is going to be a few questions that your doctor is going to want to ask you:

  • What is the look that the patients are going for?
  • What type of incision the doctors will use?
  • The place of the implants – under or over the muscle.
  • What kind of implants?

Types of implants

The options for breast augmentation in Singapore range from a saline-filled implant, a silicone gel-filled implant, or some of the newer form stable implants.

  • Saline-filled implants. The implant is outside of silicon but the inside of the implant is sailing. One of the advantages of having an implant filled with saline is that if the implant ruptures the body will reabsorb the saline water.
  • Silicone gel-filled implants. The outside is silicon but the inside is a cohesive gel.
  • Stable implants – implants that are silicone gel-filled but the gel is more cohesive causing the implant to hold its shape over time.

The reasons for using one implant over the other are individual and that should be discussed with the surgeon.

What is the surgery does?

The options for breast augmentation include placing the implant above or below the muscle. The pectoralis muscle can be a good barrier to contain the implant and most augmentation is done below the muscles. The reasoning behind placing the implant above the muscle would be individual and based on a consultation with a plastic surgeon. If the patient has very small breasts with little breast tissue under the skin it’s better to go under the muscle. If the patient has good breast tissue it’s possible to do a breast augmentation under the breast tissue so above the muscle. In some cases, if the breast is dropped over time a lift may also be required. Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure and it usually takes less than two hours to perform it. Recovery time may vary one week or several weeks depending on the type of activity you want to resume.

Incision sites

There are three places that incision can be put:

  • Inframammary fold. It is a crease that is underneath the breast. This method is good because it has a very low risk of infection;
  • Through the areola;
  • Axilla – the incision is located away from the breast. It can be put in one of the axilla creases and undermine the breast top down.

The choice of incision depends on the patient’s anatomy, the type of implant, and so on.

Incision sites

Recovery time

Breast augmentation surgery can take between hours to two hours to perform. After the procedure, the patient usually can go home. There will be dissolvable stitches and the person needs to wear a bra for six weeks. The patients go home with simple painkillers and antibiotics and most of them are up and about on the same day, but they shouldn’t heavy lifting for two or three weeks. It’s recommended the patients to see a doctor the next day just to make sure that everything looks fine and that there are no immediate complications.

The sutures are normally taken out at one week. Most patients take about a week off work and they are usually driving after 7 to 10 days. The bra is to be worn for six weeks. The dressings are removed in two weeks.

Full recovery is ensured after about four weeks in most patients. As far as surgical procedures are concerned the recovery is relatively quick. There is a phenomenon with the breast augmentation surgery where the implants tend to sit high initially due to tension in the muscle and over time they tend to drop. Often this will take about three months so initially, your surgeon might have tape on your breasts or have a strap that goes above the breast to help the breast implants settle. If they look high initially that’s over the course for three months they get into the proper position.

In terms of getting back to normal routine and going back to the gym and exercising there is a risk of bleeding for about two to three weeks. In general, the doctors suggest people doing anything that, strenuous for about 2 to 3 weeks and nothing intensely strenuous for about six weeks. After that, the recovery is pretty smooth.


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