6 most popular sports on betting apps

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Sports betting comprises several sports. Sometimes it can become difficult for you to select the sports you want to bet on.

Most bettors would select their favorite sports or the one they know about. Well, this is the right thing to do because your skills and knowledge about sports will help you place the right bets.

According to Expert Sports Handicapper @ Ats.io, football and cricket are the two most popular sports to bet on. But this also means that your chances of winning become slim because more people will be participating in it.

In this post, we will cover the top 6 sports that are popular on betting apps. If you are into sports betting, you should give this article a read.

Top 6 sports on betting apps

No matter, which sports betting app you are using, you will surely find these 6 sports there.


Like we mentioned before, Football is one of the top-most popular sports to bet on. It was invented in the UK, but it is enjoyed by people all across the world. The most favorite league of bettors is the Premier League. Most bettors are found to bet on PL matches.

Speaking of football betting, it includes different betting systems. If you have good knowledge about the game, you have the chance to win the bet.


Another very popular sport found on sports apps is tennis. The game originated in England but it is played all over the world. Many sports betting apps give you the chance to live-bet on tennis.

The advantage of betting on tennis is that you can bet on every game, point, match, and set. This gives you the chance to change your strategy based on the progress of the game.

Horse Racing

Horseracing may not be a very popular sport, but it is surely one of the top favorites for bettors. Regardless of the betting app, you are using, you will surely find horseracing there.

Betting on horse races is so popular that it takes place both offline and online. If you don’t have a racecourse near your place, you can take advantage of online betting. Just like any other sports even horseracing include different betting systems.


Cricket is enjoyed by millions of viewers across the world. No matter what weather or situation is, you will always find the stadium filled with people. This is yet another game that originated in Britain.

Many betting apps offer live cricket betting which makes the match even more interesting. Cricket bets are made based on careful analysis and statistics. Unless you have good cricket knowledge, winning a bet is hard.


Bettors love boxing because it is easy to bet on. It may not be as popular as the other sports, but people are still interested to place their wagers.

In boxing, there are different events to choose from. There are three main ways to bet on boxing. This includes a win for the red fighter, a win for the blue fighter, or a draw.


This is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. This has automatically garnered the attention of players to bet on it. 

MMA is an incredible sport where anything can happen. Just like boxing even MMA has two fighters fighting for the title. The betting system for MMA is quite similar to boxing.

These are some of the popular sports that you will come across in the majority of the betting apps. For someone who knows any of these sports, they can put it to good use while betting.


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