What Questions Should I Ask a Professional Painting Company?

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This is your day — no, your year. You’ve waited long enough to get your house the paint job that it deserves, and after all your patience and preparation, now is the time to take action.

That said, you really don’t want to DIY the paint job. Whether you don’t have the time, the ability, or simply don’t want to handle the daunting task, the idea of bringing in a professional painting squad to do the work for you sound like a much better idea.

With that being the case, you’re going to want to hire only the best painting contractor that money can buy. But in a world full of painting imposters, how can you be sure you’ve found the right one to take care of the task?

Don’t stress out. This article will tell you about the questions you should ask your professional painter before you hire them for the job.

Ask the Professional Painting Contractors If They Have Insurance

Out of all the questions that you need to be worried about asking, this one needs to be the first one on your list.

This isn’t just a thing for painting businesses; everyone who runs a business in any sector should have some form of insurance.

The problem is that insurance is not required for any business to be legal and running; the only one that everyone has to have is car insurance, which is a far cry from handling a painting business.

Make sure that your potential painters have general liability insurance with at least around a $1 million coverage. This is to make sure everything is covered, no matter what happens, and you can have peace of mind while they work.

Are They Bringing in Employees or Independent Contractors?

Stemming from the first question, you’ll want to ask your professional painters if they are bringing an employee directly from their business to help you, or if they are going to send out an independent contractor instead.

Here’s why it matters.

If the company sends out an actual employee from their business, that employee is covered under the company’s general liability insurance. The independent contractor, however, is not covered, and they don’t need their own coverage to work on your home.

Obviously, this situation opens up a whole can of worms that are best kept in the can where they belong. Only bring actual employees to work on your home, or cut it off with that company.

Are They About Quality or Quantity?

While this may not be a make or break for some, it is interesting and even important to find out what sort of paint your potential hires may tend to use and where they get it from.

Painters think like regular people, too. If they become fond of a certain brand or company, they tend to stick with it for pretty much their whole career. The brand or company they associate themselves with can speak volumes about their work ethic.

Ask them why they stick with that particular brand as well.

Do they like the quality? The price? Maybe they get good advice from the company on the right paints to choose from?

This could help you make a better decision on whether to move forward with the painters you selected.

Do They Follow the Guidelines?

Although it may sound silly to some, there are guidelines that painters are supposed to follow.

In fact, there is an entire organization known as the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America that specifically writes out the guidelines for all painters to adhere to.

These standards weren’t just put in place to make painters look official; they’re implementations that detail the best way to paint a house inside and out, so the job will look flawless on every house they work on, including yours.

Ask them to fill you in on the processes they take in order to finish a job. Better yet, enlighten yourself a bit on the painting standards and quiz them to see how much they know. It’s a good way to cut out all of the subpar painters and only work with the best.

What Times Will They Start and Finish?

The question of timeliness is one that often comes up with any company — and it should.

You want your house painted in due time and have the painters themselves come in and out of your life on a convenient note, so you can get back to your schedule.

Furthermore, it showcases their level of professionalism. Any experienced company knows to always start and finish on the requested time frame, plan out their daily schedule, and never spread themselves thin with too many clients to produce optimal (and timely) results.

Think you’re ready to hire your painter to get the job done?

You can start finding local painters in your area that meet your requirements so you can hire them on and get the paint job finished quickly and professionally!

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You know all the right questions to ask to select the best professional painting expertise, so you can interview your potential contractors and select the one that’s perfect for the job.

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