Here for the Laughs: 10 of the Best Comedians to Watch Right Now

Comedians to Watch Right Now

We could all use some extra laughs in our lives! Who are the best comedians doing stand-up right now? Check out these 10 hilarious people.

They say laughter is the best medicine. However, while you can’t buy this kind of medicine from a pharmacy, you can easily get it from the best comedians. 

Comedy has long since been a way to make sense of what’s happening in the world, and poking fun at hard times are no exception. Joke tellers can also provide a lot of laughs along the way. 

So if you’re thinking of shaking things up with a comedy show, then here are 9 stand-up comedians that you should sit down for. 

  1. Mae Martin

We’ll start this list off with a Canadian comedian that recently starred in her own Netflix series, Feel Good

But while she is making a splash on television, she has a lot of experience under her belt as a stand-up act. She is part of a comedy troupe called The Young and The Useless, winning comedy awards along the way for her antics. She is also a writer behind the hit Canadian Baroness von Sketch Show. 

Not a bad resume for someone who is just 32 years old!

  1. Ayo Edebiri

While only in her 20s, Ayo Edebiri has already made a name for herself through her comedy contributions. She loves to poke fun at herself and life in New York City while connecting with the audience on every punchline. 

She has some impressive credits to her name already as a writer for BET’s The Rundown among other network shows, and her huge following on Twitter speaks volumes about how much people are digging her humor. 

  1. Carmen Christopher

Carmen is no stranger to big audiences, making appearances on several shows including Late Night With Seth Meyers. He likes using Youtube as a way to connect with his audience, which is definitely worth the price of admission (it’s free.)

His unique style and comedic twists are sure to have his name permeate into more households this year. 

  1. Ali Wong

Ali is arguably not up-and-coming – she’s already here. With two Netflix specials already under her belt, including Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, she’s been generating a lot of buzz. 

She may have given birth to a new genre of comedy – she literally has performed standup while pregnant. And of course, she used that fact to her advantage in her jokes. She now also tours with her family. 

  1. Hannah Gadsby

She may have seemed like a bit of an underdog in her role in the hit Netflix series Please Like Me, which is basically an Australian love poem to mental illness. She plays a timid, introverted character (with the same first name) that radiates awkwardness. She also ends up in a psychiatric home after having a breakdown in a grocery store (in the show, not real life.)

However, her success on that show and others dictate otherwise. She turned her standup routine into a worldwide Netflix phenom called Nanette. She isn’t afraid to use almost any subject in her stand-up, from the human condition to even a bit of art history.

  1. Hannah Einbinder

This other Hannah (not to be confused with the one we just mentioned) is also a fast-rising star in the stand-up comedy world. While she borders on the absurd during her routines, she isn’t afraid to involve the audience. In fact, you may even find yourself dancing with her during a set (she uses a lot of music cues in her comedy as well.)  

Hannah is only in her mid-20s, but she has already learned how to expertly interact with the crowd which is a skill not every standup embraces. And her list of comedy credits is growing – including being selected for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival’s New Faces and recording a set for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

  1. Solomon Georgio

Solomon is making a splash on the stage, in the writer’s room, and on television. His brand of stand-up is bold, and the subject material is unlike many others in the business. After all, he grew up in the U.S. as a gay immigrant from Ethiopia, an experience he pulls from to captivate the audiences. 

He’s good enough to be on Conan, so he’s worth a shot if you’re looking for a unique brand of comedy. 

  1. Jacqueline Novak

While known for her slightly taboo show Get On Your Knees, about – well, mostly what you think it’s about – this comedian is making waves on the stage in many ways. 

She is able to take a wide range of seemingly boring topics and turn them into something that can make an audience howl. For example, she does stand-up about how to sit in a chair, and how to best dress to be on television. This is fitting, because she has made guest appearances on big tickets show including Late Night With Seth Meyers

  1. Joel Kim Booster

Joel is no stranger to standing up in front of people and making them laugh. He has done so on many talk shows including Conan, while also making guest appearances on Shrill and other popular shows such as Shrill

Joel already has a Comedy Central special to his name, while he also co-hosts a show on the same channel called Unsend about the pitfalls of social media (which a lot of audience members can relate to.)

  1. Zack Fox

Zack is probably best-known for his comedic stage work. But he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve like a comedy hypnotist – he’s also making a name for himself as a rapper. Oh, and he’s also a talented illustrator. 

His rise to fame started on Twitter before he became a name in the comedy world. 

Prepare To Laugh With The Best Comedians

No matter what your taste in comedy is, these are the best comedians that you should be watching right now. These 10 comics bring flair to their standup routines that will surely be remembered.

Did you enjoy this article about the best stand-up acts right now? If so, be sure to come back for lots more content about comics, lifestyle and more. 



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