Questions to Ask an Affordable Dentist Before Getting Treatment

Affordable Dentist Before Getting Treatment

The American Dental Association reported that there were over 200,000 practicing dentists in the United States last year. That’s over 40,000 dentists in each state. 

And with that many options, it can be difficult to find a dentist that meets your needs and doesn’t break the bank. There are many affordable dental care options, but how do you know if they provide the quality of service you’re seeking?

Read on for 5 questions you can ask an affordable dentist before having the work done. 

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Most people prefer to see a dentist who has several years of experience under their belt. The longer the dentist has been in practice, the less likely they are to be surprised by anything they find in your mouth.

With many years of experience, they’ve likely treated many patients and many with conditions or needs that exceed your own. You can rest assured that they’ll provide knowledgable care to you.

Do You Treat Patients With Disabilities or Special Conditions?

If you or a family member have special needs, require wheelchair accessibility, or have blood disorders that could complicate dental work then you should ask the dentist prior to treatment if they can accommodate your conditions. 

While all dentists and offices should accommodate any patients’ needs, some don’t.

Make sure they have a dental hygiene station that can accommodate a wheelchair. Ask what resources they have to help calm a person with special needs.

It is always better to go in prepared than to have a bad experience or not be able to receive treatment at all. 

Does Seeing an Affordable Dentist Compromise the Quality of Treatment?

If a dentist is offering affordable treatment then it is vital that you ask how they are able to offer discounted services. 

They may be using dental students to perform cleanings and exams, or only performing certain procedures to save on costs. 

It’s necessary that you understand where costs are being cut, and that you’re okay with the service you’re going to be receiving at an affordable dentist clinic.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Appointment?

There’s a lot of appeal for affordable dental care so the dentist you’re interested in may have long wait times for scheduling appointments.

If the dentist you’re looking at doesn’t have availabilities sooner than three months, you should probably consider finding another provider. 

Ask when their next available appointments are and consider scheduling a few appointments in advance. Some clinics may charge cancellation fees so check with the receptionist before making advance appointments for cleanings and dental work. 

Does Your Practice Offer Payment Plans?

Regardless of who you choose as your dental provider, some procedures can be incredibly costly.

Make sure that before consenting to care that their clinic offers payment plans for situations where you aren’t able to pay the total cost on the same day.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing what to questions to ask an affordable dentist will be the key to saving money and receiving quality care. Now all that’s left to do is schedule your appointment!

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