The Best 3 Evergreens Shrubs Year Round

evergreen shrubs for garden

Whether you live in the snowy North or the bright South, evergreens give year-round color, structure, and privacy. There are thousands of types of evergreen shrubs in every possible elevation, shape, as well as color– and also while they endure a variety of problems, be sure to choose the right plant for the ideal place so yours will prosper.

First, see to it the evergreen shrub is suited to your USDA Hardiness Zone. Various varieties of the same type of plant are matched to particular climates, so do not neglect the plant label or summary. Additionally, see to it you position the plant correctly (full-sun, shade, or part-sun). Also, focus on exactly how high as well as how wide the plant becomes. That little shrub fits nicely against your home now, however in a few years, it’s covering windows, crowding out its buddies, and also basically getting on your nerves– till you’re forced to pull it out! Strategize in advance so you’ll all live happily ever after together.

Here are our favored evergreens (including flowering shrubs!) for your garden.

wax myrtle

The Wax Myrtle is a very easy to grow evergreen plant that offers you countless possibilities in the landscape. The glossy evergreen foliage ranges from deep to light green. This dense foliage and also the extremely fast development of the Wax Myrtle make it optimal for privacy hedges. These rapid growing plants can mature to 5 feet in a single growing period!

green mountain boxwood

The Green Mountain Boxwood hedge grows in complete sunlight to component shade. They adapt well to a range of well-draining soils. Water deeply twice weekly when recently grown to assist the roots in growing correctly. As soon as established this boxwood is drought tolerant. However, sprinkling during completely dry periods, also in wintertime, will maintain your Boxwood at its ideal. This boxwood is deer, rabbit, and pollution tolerant in addition to pest as well as disease resistant! You won’t be damaging your back to keep this low maintenance boxwood lovely!

gold mop cypress

The Gold Mop Cypress is really durable and also requires little to no maintenance. Really insect as well as disease resistant and can expand from zones 4-8. This Cypress bush likes to be in full sunlight however will certainly grow in some shade. The more sun it has, the brighter yellow it will certainly be. It’s a slow cultivator however will reach elevations up to 3 feet and regarding 4 feet broad. If you plant the Gold Mop Cypress around your house, you can maintain it pruned and also it will maintain its dimension. Or for a much more all-natural appearance, just plant and let it be and it will certainly appear like an upside-down, golden mop. If you like a more manicured look, prune two times a year.

Evergreen shrubs give long-term framework in the garden and all-year-round.

Some have lovely blossom displays, or are very scented in winter when little else is flourishing, and some have actually variegated or vibrant foliage – a perfect foil for summer perennials, and an attribute in itself throughout the winter months. Grow evergreen shrubs as stand-alone specimens, as part of a blended boundary or as hedging.

There are a lot of evergreen shrubs to pick from so here’s some motivation in our choice of evergreen shrubs for a very easy and reliable screen. For additional options, be sure to check out a list of the types of trees that you may like to know more about. To browse a selection of top quality plants and trees shop here.


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