Self Improvement Tips That Will Help You Become a Better Person

self improvement tips

Self-improvement doesn’t have to come with a reason or a resolution. And there’s no time like the present to better yourself.

But even with such a goal in mind, you could use a bit of inspiration. Self-improvement tips are all over the internet, in magazines, on social media posts. But these are some of our favorite new ways that you can be the best version of yourself.

1. Jot It Down

In 2019, the results of a Gallup poll revealed that Americans were some of the most stressed people in the world. Obviously, this tension does nothing to make us better people.

One way to battle stress is to grab a journal and write down what’s on your mind. Simply getting all of your thoughts onto paper can stop them from replaying in your head and making you anxious.

On top of that, journaling gives you a way to solve problems. Once you start writing, you might be able to see a clear solution to what’s bugging you. Then, you can put it into action — and make a stride toward self-improvement.

2. Be Mindful

On that note, mindfulness is your friend on the journey to self-improvement.

When you practice mindfulness, you can better deal with the curveball life throws at you. You can wrangle your brain so that you don’t let thoughts about what-ifs consume you. Instead, you can enjoy the present moment — and feel calm knowing you’re doing all you can right now.

Meditating is a great way to keep your mind focused on the present. You can hone in on sounds, feelings, scents, and more to ground yourself. Then, you can go about your day with improved clarity.

3. Plan Your Menu

Self-help tips can make you feel good in several ways. In this case, we’ll focus on your diet.

Eating healthy is a surefire way to complete your self-improvement goal. It’s not just about losing weight or building muscle. Nourishing your body should make you feel good, full stop.

On top of that, planning a menu ahead of time will save you money and time at the grocery store. Knowing what you’re cooking and when can remove one to-do from your brain. Lightening your mental load is another big part of self-improvement.

So, take a hard look at your meal planning — or lack thereof. Mapping out what you want to eat for the next week can make a huge difference financially, health-wise, and mentally.

4. Break a Sweat

Hitting the gym, going for a run, swimming, dancing to your favorite music or whatever you like to do to break a sweat — you need to work it into your schedule.

Exercising has so many benefits to your physical and mental health. In terms of the latter, a good workout will release feel-good endorphins to boost your mood. It soothes your mind, too — the Mayo Clinic calls it “meditation in motion” for this reason.

5. Pick Up a New Hobby or Skill

If you’re wondering how to self improve, you don’t have to look in the obvious places.

Perhaps it’s your list of hobbies that are lacking. Some of the above suggestions can be considered hobbies. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to exercising or meditating — you have so many options when it comes to hobbies.

You could also pick up a new skill to make yourself feel your best. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. Sign up for a language class or download an app that can help you practice vocabulary words.

You don’t have to dedicate too much time to your new hobby or skill. You don’t have to become perfect at it either. You just have to enjoy yourself and find fulfillment with a new, more varied schedule.

6. Stop Procrastinating

This tip isn’t just how to self-improve — it’s how to make your entire life better.

Procrastinating may leave you rushing to finish your work, thus meaning your finished project is sloppy or beneath your potential. Or, you may take away time from feel-good activities by wasting it on your phone or mindlessly watching TV.

Once you stop wasting your time, you will take a massive step in your self-improvement quest. You can stop procrastination by writing down your goals or breaking them down into digestible chunks. Visualize that finish line and let it power you through to the end.

No matter what it takes, you will feel — and be — better by getting a handle on your time-management skills.

7. Be Generous

When’s the last time you performed a good deed? If you can’t remember, then maybe this one should be your self-improvement goal.

Being generous has two benefits for you. Firstly, it makes you feel good to do good. Then, you get a second wave of feel-good vibes when you see the effect your generosity has had.

You can be generous with more than just money, too. You can donate your time to support a friend in need. Perhaps you say yes to that request that you help a buddy move, even if you don’t want to spend your Saturday carrying boxes.

Or, perhaps you could donate your time to a local shelter. Serving meals to those in need will give you a new perspective — and that kind of vision makes you a better person, too.

Self-Improvement Tips — This Is Just the Beginning

Our list of self-improvement tips only scratches the surface. There’s so much good out there for you to do. And it will help you and others if you dive in.

So, start considering how you can make yourself better. Then, make them a reality — and see just how wonderful you feel because of it.


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