9 Meaningful Romantic Gestures For Him That Show You Care

romantic gestures for him

Many people believe the theory that men aren’t fans of romance. However, there are plenty of guys that appreciate loving acts from their partners.

You don’t have to get him the latest Lamborghini model but simple romantic gestures for him that are personal and genuine can go a long way. Whether you’re purely anti-romantic or you’re just looking for new ways to express your love, these ideas for how to show your man some romance will come in handy.

1. Make Him a Meal

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, if you want your partner to feel special, making them a delicious meal is one way to do this.

It doesn’t have to be a complex meal, just something you put your heart into. Consider making his favorite meal or something he’s always wanted to try. If this meal is Breakfast, be cute and take it to them while they’re still in bed.

2. Surprise Him on His Birthday

No matter how old your partner is, they will still appreciate the fact that you remembered their birthday. Small gestures like waking them with a cake at midnight to wish them a happy birthday is an excellent start to make the day special.

If possible, spend the entire day doing the things they love. This includes watching their favorite movie, doing their hobbies together and preparing their best dishes. Organizing a surprise birthday party and inviting their friends over is also a good way to celebrate his birthday.

3. Let Him Know You Appreciate Him

Among romantic gestures for him, this is one of the most unestimated ones. Never forget to remind him you’re happy by his side. Whatever he does, regardless of how small it might be, show him that you appreciate his effort.

A small act to show your gratitude would even make them happier. If your partner’s love language is affirmations then showing verbal appreciation goes a long way.

4. Wear Something Sexy

We can’t ignore the fact that men, in general, are visual creatures. Once in a while, take him shopping with you and let him choose the outfit he’d love you to wear. Pull out that sexy lingerie he would want you to rock on your next date night.

This is especially helpful if your sexual intimacy has deteriorated. But if you still don’t feel a connection after trying all fun things, you might be suffering from female sexual dysfunction. Keep in mind that you can get treatment if this is something that is bothering you.

5. Getting Handsy

This isn’t about giving massages or having sex though there is nothing wrong with doing both of those too. But simply showering your man with physical affection in your daily activities may go a long way in keeping the romance alive.

Simply playing footsie and holding his hand when walking on the street are loving gestures to show your man you care about him. If you explore more, you might even discover new arousal triggers that could enhance your sex life.

6. Sneak in a Flirty Note

Once in a while, your man wants to hear you miss or love them. This sounds corny, but sliding a note on his briefcase or sending him a special note to tell him you miss can be very romantic.

Considering writing something flirtatious that gets your guy excited to see you again. A note saying you can’t wait to make love to them is enough to make their day.

7. Share One of Your Deepest Secrets with Him

Women aren’t the only ones who are afraid of wasting time in relationships. Feeling connected to you than he feels with guys or his other friends is important to him. Sharing your deepest secret with him makes him feel special and close to you because being vulnerable to him shows you trust him.

You can even make it a pseudo-game where every secret you share, he can tell you one of his secrets too. Getting more intimate and connected to each other can help to strengthen the relationship for long-term success.

8. Pack His Lunch

This is one of the greatest romantic gestures for him. You don’t have to do all of the cooking but packing him a homemade meal for lunch from time to time is sweet. It helps keep him healthy and save money instead of buying fast food regularly.

By doing so, he will think about you during the lunch break.

9. Give Him a Relaxing Massage

If you’re like many people, you and your partner live a busy and stressful life and hardly get time to bond. Therefore, your time together should be like an oasis of peace. This is why one of the romantic gestures for him is to treat him with a massage.

Nothing feels better than a rub at the back after a long day at work. This is an intimate act that shows him you’ll always try to take care of them even when you’re feeling tired after a long day.

If you have some extra time, set up the bedroom with relaxing candles, rose petals and soothing music for a more romantic environment.

Romantic Gestures for Him

Your partner wants to feel loved and appreciated just as much as you do. Doing little romantic gestures for him like asking how his day was and fixing him a delicious meal help to show that you are paying attention in the relationship.

Keep in mind that the intensity of the gestures isn’t measured with money but time and love. Get creative and figure out the way your partner wants to be cared for.

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