Sexy Text Messages: How to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Alive With Sexting

sexy text messages

Got a lively libido but a partner that’s gone away for a while?

We feel for you.

Long-distance relationships are never easy.

Thankfully, though, sexy text messages can make a difference. Sexting, as it’s often known, can keep the spark alive regardless of the miles between you.

Heck, a whopping 88% of adults regularly send sexts! According to the same source, 96% of them approve of the practice.

Distance or no distance, there’s clearly something to be said for them.

The real issue is knowing that to say! For first-time sexters, putting together the perfect sexy messages can be a challenge. It can feel awkward and odd and a little embarrassing.

We can help. Looking for some quality sexting suggestions?

Read on for 8 top sexting tips to keep your long-distance relationship alive.

1. Verify the Recipient

First thing’s first:

Check, double-check, and triple-check that you’re sending these messages to the right person!

This is no time to rush the recipient selection process. Let’s face it, nobody wants to send a filthy message to their mum. It’d be one enormous elephant in the room next time you hung out.

The same goes for ex-partners, your boss, or your brother.

Always verify that your partner is, in fact, the one who’ll be getting the sext!

2. Don’t Hold Back

Fear is the enemy of sexy messages.

Nothing screams awkwardness like a half-arsed attempt at sexting.

Of course, you have to make a judgment call too. You know your partner better than anyone. Is she someone who seems down for sexting? If not, then anything you send is going to be a bit ill-received.

For everybody else, though, go into it with confidence! Be bold. It’s the best way to minimize any level of self-consciousness that might otherwise occur.

3. Tell Them What You Want

There’s room for bossiness too.

Or, shall we say, assertiveness. Few things are sexier than someone who knows what they like in the bedroom. And the same goes for sexting.

In fact, telling someone what you want them to do is a classic way to make things interesting.

Don’t just jump right into it though. You might be desperate for that naked hot oil massage, but you can’t just ask for it out of nowhere. It’d be weird.

Set the scene first to get them all hot and bothered (in a good way).

Tell them you just got out the shower, or what you’re wearing. With their interest successfully piqued, you can take it up a notch. Let ‘em know what you want!

4. Get Them Involved

Oh, and get them to tell you what they want too!

There’s nothing stopping you from getting right down to the point.

Want them to say something in particular? Desperate to receive a certain message?

Then feel free to ask them for it! Think along the lines of ‘Tell me how much you want me’, or ‘what would we be doing if I was there right now?’ are sure to spice things up.

Remember confidence and assertiveness. Your partner may like that you’re taking charge of the conversation like this. Hopefully, if they’re a little shy, then it’ll get them more involved as well.

5. Remember Bygone Sexy Times

We’ve all got those super sexy memories of bygone times with our partner.

It just so happens that they make an ideal sexting conversation starter. Imagine getting a message along the lines of:

‘I keep thinking about that time we [insert your sexy story here]’

Instantly, they’ve got your attention. You’re transported back to that moment. Maybe you begin fantasizing about it too. Right?

Things are bound to start heating up from there.

6. Go Full R-Rated

Sooner or later you’ll feel confident enough to go all in.

You’ve had enough of the PG-13 stuff. It’s time to bring out the R-rated content.

Sexting is about fantasising. After all, you aren’t with each other in person (sadly). It’s your job to create a mental image to get you going instead.

Imagine exactly what you’d be doing in the sack and tell your partner. Let them know where you’d be, how you’d feel, what you’d be wearing, what you’d be saying, and so on.

Be a phone sex queen. Want it rough? Tell them. Want a particular position? Let ‘em know! Fancy getting some light BDSM involved?

…You get the idea.

7. Don’t Forget the Emojis

The 21st century has given us many things to celebrate.

The internet, smartphones, touchscreens, smart home assistants…the list goes on.

And emojis are up there with the best of them.

We can’t imagine messages without these nifty animations these days. They’re literally perfect for getting emotion across in a text…or, for that matter, a sext.

That’s right, there are a bunch of emoji sexting tricks to keep in mind. Don’t reserve the filth in your messages to plain old text. Get some pictures involved too.

Everything from the classic eggplant to specific hand gestures can set the mood.

8. A Bit of Subtlety Is Important

We know, we know.

We just said sexting requires boldness. And it does!

But there’s a significant difference between a sexy written request and an unsolicited dick pic. It isn’t just a line between the two- it’s a gaping chasm.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the occasional sexy pic.

Yet there’s definitely a time and a place for them. Nobody wants a penis to show out of no-where. You might be in a meeting with the boss, eating dinner with the family, or going through recent holiday snaps with a friend.

Boys, we recommend waiting for your time to shine. Let the conversation heat up before diving right in with a cock-shot.

Time to Send Some Sexy Text Messages

You gotta love sexy text messages.

They’re the ideal way to spice things up in a long-distance relationship. Heck, they’re an epic way to spice up ANY relationship!

But you’ve gotta know what you’re doing. Hopefully, this post will help in that endeavor.

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