COVID-19 and Gun Sales: What’s the Connection?

gun sales

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) in mid-March 2020.

The novel coronavirus is expected to affect almost everyone on the planet. As people have become concerned about lockdown around the world, they have rushed to buy essentials in the stores.

This has seen many people stockpile hand sanitizer to keep hands free from germs. In other news, sales of toilet rolls have also gone through the roof.

However, Americans are focused on other matters. Sales of guns and ammo have skyrocketed in the past weeks due to fears around the COVID-19 outbreak.

Do you want to know? Check out the connection between gun sales and the coronavirus below. Let’s go!

1. The Attack of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is gathering pace. The lives of seniors and people with underlying health conditions are especially vulnerable to the virus.

Even though the outbreak of the virus has mostly centered on China, Italy, and Iran up until now, the United States is expected to overtake them as the epicenter of the virus.

People are now quarantined inside their homes to protect themselves from the threat of the virus.

2. Shortage of Guns and Ammo

Sadly, the coronavirus cannot simply be shot down with a semi-automatic rifle. And yet, that hasn’t stopped Americans buying guns.

It appears people are concerned that guns could be in short supply if the virus outbreak continues to materialize as expected.

The lines outside gun shops have been so long that people have been forced to return later when fewer people are waiting.

Up to 43 percent of households own a gun. Therefore, the majority of people are simply stocking up on ammo in case gun shops are shut down.

3. Flocking Online for Guns

However, people aren’t only lining up outside of shops to make purchases. Just as with everything else, they’re also buying guns and ammo online.

Nowadays, everything from professional gunsmithing tools to ammunition can be purchased via online retailers.

Many gun retailers have overseen huge increases in sales as a result of the fear around the coronavirus outbreak.

4. Protect Groceries With Guns

Just because people are rushing to buy guns. That doesn’t mean that Americans aren’t also concerned about shortages at grocery stores.

In fact, many people are buying guns and ammo in order to protect themselves and their groceries when they go shopping.

As consumer demand for toilet paper, sanitizer and groceries increases, people are concerned that they’ll need to fight to provide for their families.

Gun Sales and the COVID-19

Have you been wondering about the spike in gun sales recently? The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many Americans to rush to buy guns and ammo.

This kind of panic buying has been repeated across the world. However, only in the United States have been sought guns to protect themselves against the virus.

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