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A Wireless Networking Technology, (the generic term for Wi-Fi) is a family of wireless network protocols, used for local area networking and internet access. Even though all the activities of homes and offices in Australia mainly work on Wi-Fi, nobody is aware of it when it comes to troubleshooting and repair.

Wi-Fi’s indulgence in every activity in a home or office, including online tasks, assignments, homework and completing deadlines, is inevitable. When a problem occurs, there can be a lot of frustration due to the helplessness in solving it. Therefore, a Wi-Fi technician near me Google search would always help in such situations, as any problem will have easy solutions when it comes to experts.

However, before consulting a local Wi-Fi expert, it is always good to know the various services provided by them and some technical knowledge to address the problem effectively. This article looks at some of the common issues and situations that need technical expertise.

Common Wi-Fi problems

The most common problem with Wi-Fi is that the Wi-Fi router is not in compliance with the rooms’ size and layout.  The range covered by the router, internet speed, and sustainability is something that needs recognition here. Here are some common Wi-Fi problems that are sorted by the Wi-Fi technician near me search results.

  • Random dropout experienced by PC or iMac.
  • Dropping in internet speed while using numerous appliances.
  • Wireless drops out when one uses mobile phones.
  • Zero coverage outdoors.
  • Difficulty while streaming Smart TV.
  • Weak streaming while using apps like Spotify and other Sonos sound systems.
  • Weak signal strength due to double brick walls in rooms.

These are some of the common problems that technical experts face in Australia. However, all of these are not impossible to deal with when expert advice and help is received. When one shares these issues to a technician, they will diagnose and come out with the best solution. 

Services provided by a Wi-Fi technician

  1. Setting up a new Wi-Fi connection

Most technicians recommend optimal placement of equipment, based on the properties, layout and construction. Then the equipment is all configured well to ensure proper working. Later, the technician will teach the family how to use and connect it with all the devices and computers. Devices setup services also include media streaming boxes, gaming consoles and even connections to Foxtel boxes.

  1. Problem-solving

An experienced technician is capable of proceeding with systematic analysis to stabilise the internet connection in an area.  A Wi-Fi technician first does a wireless audit in the premise where they measure the signal’s speed and strength in every room. It helps them to identify and diagnose each room’s problems, which includes weaker or even flickering connection.

Later, they compare their findings with the neighbouring buildings’ Wi-Fi signal to ensure the lack of any interference that could be limiting the speed. If they could locate an interference, the equipment is tuned to overcome the problem. However, if there is none, the process is continued, to get a better result.

The technicians also review the modem and check for its compatibility and updates to ensure proper functioning.


 It is always important to rely on professionals to install or maintain any electrical equipment, as they would provide a lasting solution to every problem and services. Wi-Fi too must be treated the same way.


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