Top 10 Unique Garden Ideas

unique garden ideas

More people are gardening now than we have seen in years, making it on-trend to want to landscape your space to be beautiful and practical.

A garden can be a wonderful extension of your home, an outdoor room where you can spend time with your family.

For some unique garden ideas, keep reading as we list the top ten things you can do to make your garden better.

Unique Garden Ideas

Your garden should be a reflection of who you are and what you value. As you read our suggestions, decide which ideas resonate with you and whether you can practically accomplish them in your space. Be creative!

1. Outdoor Dining Room

There’s nothing like enjoying dinner outdoors on a warm summer night with a few friends and a few glasses of wine. Level up your garden with an outdoor eating area that you can also use for misty morning breakfasts, afternoon tea, or just a place to sit and work on your computer.

Select some luxury outdoor furniture for a classy dining space to impress your guests. You can define your space by planting your garden around the dining space, creating the illusion of walls surrounding your dining room. Tall bushes or a row of trees can serve as a border.

2. One Type, Many Blooms

Simplify your garden care routine by sticking to just one kind of bloom. You can have a stunning garden by cultivating many varieties of the same type of flower.

Roses are a great option for this type of simplified garden. There are enough varieties of roses that you can have a full and lush garden by growing one or two bushes of each type. For added interest, add some climbing roses around the edges of the garden on trellises or the garden walls.

3. Outdoor Shower

This feature is wonderful and practical if you have a pool. Install your outdoor shower in the most isolated corner of your garden for more privacy.

If you build a wall on one side of your shower as a privacy wall, you have the option of growing some hardy, water-loving climbers to cover the wall in a bit of life. If you opt not to construct a traditional wall, consider some tall flowering bushes to create the blockade.

4. Beautiful Fountains

A fountain is a good way to create a luxurious and relaxing vibe for your garden. Not only does a fountain add a sense of grandeur, but any water feature will make your garden a pleasant space because of the relaxing sound.

You can make your water feature fit whatever aesthetic you want for your space. If you are going for a more natural feel, maybe consider a pond with a small waterfall. If you want something more formal, a traditional statue fountain will be your best bet.

5. Make Your Garden Delicious

If you have a taste for fresh herbs and fruit, and a practical mind, you should try edible landscaping. You can have a beautifully maintained flower garden but add some plants that you can harvest.

A great option if you live in the right climate is fruit trees. You can add rows of fruit trees along a walkway, or as the border of your garden.

Another option is to plant some small fruit-bearing bushes or herbs among the other flowering plants. Many herbs and fruit bushes are lovely to look at and you can use things from your own garden when you cook.

6. Light It Up

Add a little sparkle to your garden with some string lights hanging overhead or standing lights in your seating areas. If you have an outdoor seating space, you could use tiki lights that help keep the bugs away during summer nights.

If you have a fence around your garden space, think about hanging small twinkle lights along it to give your garden a nice glow.

7. Build a Gazebo

A gazebo can be a wonderful space to sit in the garden even when it’s rainy or too sunny. This can be where you put a few chairs to sit and have your morning coffee or a small game table.

Depending on the style you choose, you can make your gazebo extra-shady by growing vine plants up the sides. If you choose flowering plants like hibiscus, you can have beautiful blossoms all around you for part of the year.

8. Climbing Plants

As mentioned before, climbing plants can be great to cover a gazebo or border fence around your garden. You can also help them grow up the side of your house by adding a simple trellis.

If you have a path running through your garden, you can add a “doorway” by putting an arched trellis over the path and growing climbing plants over it. This is a romantic feature that will elevate your garden while being pretty simple to accomplish.

9. Simple Seating Area

Having somewhere to sit is a must if you want to fully enjoy your garden. Taking a stroll is nice, but there’s something about sitting down and relaxing among your flowers and plants.

If you don’t want to create an elaborate dining area or gazebo, adding some simple benches can be the answer you’re looking for. Try to place them along your pathway, or in a far corner of the garden for quiet and privacy. It can also be nice to leave a little grassy area in the center of your garden and have a few lawn chairs.

10. French Class

For a more formal feel, you can take your garden to new levels by taking a French approach. This means sectioning off your garden into small beds with borders of low, well-trimmed hedges. Form and symmetry are important in French garden styling because they should always look nice even from a distance.

Stone is also frequently used in this style of garden, as pathways or borders, or even a low stone wall. You can create a simple stone walkway with gaps between the stones to show off neatly trimmed grass or moss.

Garden On

These unique garden ideas are just a few things you can accomplish if you put your mind to designing your ideal garden. With some great ideas and a little work, you can create a relaxing and beautiful space that you will enjoy spending time in. Be creative, stay inspired, and keep gardening!

Please comment below if you have any thoughts, or keep browsing for more lifestyle tips!

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