6 tips for organizing your child’s bedroom

child’s bedroom

It probably feels like you tidied and cleaned in there about an hour ago and yet your little one’s room is an explosion of clothes, toys, accessories, mess and goodness knows what else! And where did all these toys come from? You certainly don’t remember buying half of these items! If you’re looking for toy inspiration, check out wicked uncle for the latest trends in toys for boys aged 5. 

Keeping their rooms tidy and clutter-free is certainly a mammoth task, but with a little time, patience and creativity you should be able to organize, declutter and (most importantly) keep it that way! Read on for 6 tips for organizing your child’s bedroom.

Work together

Of course, tidying their rooms sounds like a job best tackled when they’re at school or out with friends. That way you can easily go through their inventory without throwing the wrong thing away or getting distracted by your not so helpful helpers. However, choosing to tidy their room whilst they’re absent doesn’t teach them about the responsibility of keeping their room clean and organized and they’re more likely to just trash it again anyway. Take some time to work through the room together and help them make mindful decisions about what to keep, store or donate. They’ll appreciate their own hard work too!

Teach them to make their own bed

Sheet changing can appear a little complicated to kids, what with all the layers, the sheets, pillowcases and buttons they have to navigate. So, show them how to strip their bed and make it again. A simple duvet is much easier than a top sheet and blanket, so bear that in mind when you’re purchasing bed linen. 

Make storage simple

Beautifully decorated wicker baskets, elaborate toy chests – all of these things look great online and are appealing for you to look at, but are they really practical for little ones? Keeping storage simple allows your child to find what they need easily and pack away again just as quickly. Opt for some simple clear, plastic storage boxes so they can see where everything is.

Keep the soft toys together

Soft toys are cute, and kids seem to accumulate them in hordes. They can quickly take over a bed or the floor, so keep the mass of stuffed animals at bay by investing in a soft toy hammock or making them a little bed of their own. 

Keep books on display

Piling up books seems logical, but they’ll only get knocked over again, creating more mess. The alternative option is simple – invest in a simple bookcase that is at child height so they can choose a book as and when they please. Book slings are also a cute addition to a bedroom. 

Don’t forget under the bed

If you utilize the space under your kids’ bed for storage then they’re less likely to hide dirty clothes, old shoes and rubbish under there. Get some size appropriate boxes and store whatever you want under there. It could be old toys, out of season clothes, bed linen, spare duvets and pillows etc. Utilize the space as much as you can. 



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