Plus Size Fashion Guide: How to Look Slimmer When You Aren’t


Having a perfect slim physique is the dream of almost every woman. Although the trend of size zero has become a thing of the past and our fashion industry, nowadays, is promoting plus size to a great extent, size zero has its own charm. But unfortunately, not every one of us is blessed with the perfect body. This is one of the leading reasons for depression among plus-sized women.

Trust me girl, you need to start appreciating your own body shape and try to be comfortable with it. This will not only boost up your confidence but the inner peace will shine bright on your face. However, if you still want something that can help you look slim and smart, here are some amazing fashion tips and tricks that can create an illusion and make you look slimmer when you aren’t.

  1. Choose V-Neck Dresses:

Dressing in V-neck tops will create an illusion of a slimmer body. Therefore, try to invest in dresses and tops that have wider V-necks. This will give more focus on your neck to the shoulder area and hide the chubbiness of your body.

  1. Add Layers:

Adding layers on your body will only make it look fatter. That is the biggest lie of all and a filthy myth. Layers hide your direct body view and it adds definition to your physique. Try adding layers when you are dressing for a special occasion to look a tad slimmer. What you can do is wear a sleeveless top and then wear a cardigan on it for some layering and enjoy looking slimmer.

  1. Make “Black” Your BFF:

According to the experts, black is the color for plus-sized women. Black gives an illusion of slim physique so try to spend more on black to add in your wardrobe. Black not only looks elegant, but it makes you look slim. Not just black, dark hues are all in this category. Bid farewell to light pastel colors and add tons of dark-colored dresses in your wardrobe to look slim and smart.

  1. Wear Shapewear:

Trust me, shapewear is the blessing in disguise for the plus-sized women. It tames fat around the fattiest areas of your body and gives you an hourglass figure with minimal effort. Shapewear can effectively tone your bulging breasts, tummy, and thighs and give you the perfect body to top it with your favorite dress. Make sure to invest in a good body shaper though, or you could just have a Tummy Tuck.

  1. Go with Vertical Prints:

Avoid anything with horizontal lines or print. That will only make you look broad and fat. Go with dresses that have vertical lines or shapes. This will add an illusion of length to your body and make you appear slim. You will not only look thinner but taller as well.

  1. Invest in High Rise Jeans:

High rise jeans hide most of your bulges and bring focus towards the legs. In this way, you can hide most of your flab and look slimmer. Buy some high rise jeans that are black and stretchable. These jeans should be your go-to if you want to look thinner and taller.

  1. Buy the Right Sized Inner Wear:

Try not to wear sloppy bras and loose underwear that will only make your dressing bulgy. Buy bras that give you the ultimate coverage and a perfect fit for your curves. This will make your dresses look less sloppy and you can look slimmer. Good undergarments are always a good investment anyway.

  1. Wear the Right Type of Jewelry:

Jewelry also adds its fair share in making you look slimmer considering what you choose. For instance, long necklaces and chains can give an illusion of length and make you look slim. Similarly, big hoop earrings can draw the focus and make your chubby face look smaller. So if you want to look slim, wear the right type of jewelry.

  1. Choose the Right Belt Style:

Wearing the right belt style can draw attention from your chubby figure and add a statement to your look. If you are wearing shapewear, adding a dark-colored belt can create a big difference in making you look a bit slimmer.

  1. Wear High Pointed Heels:

Keep your standard and your heels high. It’s a good proverb and can be used to your benefit if you want to look slim. Pointed toe shoes and high heels can make you look tall which, in turn, will make you appear slimmer.

This fashion guide will help you look slimmer when you aren’t. But try to be comfortable in your skin. You are beautiful whether you are size zero or plus size. You can rock the world with your slim waist or your heavy figure. Try not to push yourself too much in looking slim tough.


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