Anxiety Relief Tips If You’re Scared of the Dental Drilling Sound

dental drilling sound

According to one study, about 60 percent of people are scared of the dentist.

If you are part of that percentage that suffers from dentophobia, you may be wondering how to overcome the fear and be able to go to the dentist.

It’s essential for your oral hygiene that you go make sure you go to the dentist and not avoid your appointments.

Are you going to the dentist soon? Use the anxiety relief tips if you’re terrified of the dental drilling sound and dental procedures in general.

Ask About Sedation Opportunities

If you really can’t handle getting your dental care, you can ask them about your sedation options.

There are all kinds of different sedation options to help ease your anxiety and make it an easier process for you.

You could take one or two pills that can help make you feel more relaxed and calm down during your appointment. There are some that can knock you entirely out, and there are some that can put you into a semi-conscious state.

If you choose the section option, you may have no memory of the visit.

If you do use a sedation option, you’ll need to make sure you can have someone who can drive you home.

Wear Headphones

Wearing headphones will let you listen to some calming music, which may help ease some of your anxiety.

Wearing headphones will also help to block out the sound of the drill and help you relax. Make sure you discuss it with your dentist so that you can use it.

Focus On Your Breathing

When you’re at the dentist, you should also focus on your breathing.

When you are feeling anxious or scared, people normally end up holding their breath even if they don’t realize it.

Holding your breath also reduces your oxygen level which can also increase your feeling of panic.

Bring Someone With You

If you are still nervous and none of the above options sound appealing to you, you should ask a trusted family member or friend with you.

Bring someone who has a calming presence. If you bring someone who is also anxious and scared, their anxiety will just make yours even worse.

They may also be able to help you relax and remind you to breathe.

Talk To Your Dentist

At the end of the day, you should make sure that you tell your dentist if you’re anxious.

If you’re feeling tense, make sure the staff knows how you’re feeling. They may be able to offer you some consolation or support. They may also be able to tell you what your options are to help ease some of your anxiety.

Overcome Your Fear Of The Dental Drilling Sound Today!

If you’re scared of the dental drilling sound, you should follow these tips to help you overcome that fear.

Avoiding the dentist doesn’t fix the problem; it just prolongs it. If you are still having problems with that fear, you should reach out to a mental health professional.

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