Cycling and lessened health risks


In this world of technological advancements, we seldom think about doing anything manually. Even our cars have power steering facility so that we do not have to do it in a harder way. We all love short cuts. People would take a sixty minutes bus ride rather than riding a bicycle which would take forty minutes (avoiding main road traffic). The sole reason is we are getting lazy.

Now, laziness comes with its tolls. With laziness come obesity and other life-threatening diseases. Some people get depressed when they have no productive thing to do. For the sake of your physical and mental health, we recommend you keep indulging yourself in physical activities.

The first choice may be doing exercise. Honestly, only a few people can continue with a strict fitness regime if the activity is no fun. So, if you want something that will be physical work, fun, and necessity at once, you have got only one single choice. That is cycling.

As cycling helps you stay fit, it reduces a considerable amount of health hazards. Here are some diseases which you can forget if you try cycling every day.

Obesity-related issues:

The most important benefit of cycling is weight loss. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. It engages four important muscles of the upper and lower leg. Cycling grows leg muscles. Moreover, cycling helps in burning weight. After one hour of cycling at moderate speed, your metabolic rate would be higher. Burning fat through cycling is possible when it is combined with a suitable diet. Sometimes people do not want to go to a fitness class. Whereas, cycling is an attractive activity which most of us enjoy doing.

You can control the speed and intensity of your cycling schedule. Studies say, if a person wants to reduce belly fat, he or she needs to ride a bicycle for at least an hour. The perspiration that cycling induces is very helpful in burning belly fat.

Reduces cardiovascular hazards:

Among other serious health issues, cardiovascular hazards are particularly helped by regular cycling. Cycling is a sort of aerobic activity. That means cycling is an act during which your three body parts will get worked out, namely lungs, heart and blood vessels. Therefore, if you kick the pedals of your cycle regularly, it strengthens your cardio system. The circulation of your blood is better. Your lungs and heart get good exercise after one hour of cycling. Therefore, you have lesser chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack.

Cycling helps improve your cardio activities by improving the heart muscles, reducing the levels of fat in your blood and lowering resting pulse. And it is a general idea that if you take a bicycle to your office you are less exposed to pollution. Scientific studies report that people who take a bus or private cars daily to reach their workplace are more prone to be exposed to pollution.

Lesser risks of cancer:

Cancer is one of the most terrifying diseases even in this twenty-first century. Many a researcher is working hard to get the proper drug to cure and prevent cancer. Well, scientists have found out that there is a close relationship between exercise and cancer. Studies say cancer especially breast cancer and colon cancer could be prevented by regular exercise. Cycling is a form of exercise. If you ride a bicycle regularly, you can get some benefit from the cancer front.

By thoroughly following the cycling regimen, one can stay away from breast and bowel cancer. However, cycling is not a miraculous medicine that will diminish your chances of getting cancer. Cycling is a good form of exercise. It is an easier and more available form of exercise. So there is no harm trying.

Cycling and type 2 diabetes:

Cycling is the best exercise for those who have type 2 diabetes. Doctors recommend these patients to cycle for an hour a day. Type 2 patients should opt for cycling rather than walking. The reason is, cycling reduces pressure in the lower parts of the body. For diabetic patients, a major task is to take care of their feet. The diabetic condition lowers the amount of blood supply to your lower body parts (legs). You may often see diabetic patients with foot injuries because; the lower level of blood supply would thwart the process of healing. These untreated injuries can turn into infection and gangrene.

Now, when you exercise the insulin resistance of your body goes down, and your body cells can use glucose more productively. Cycling does the same thing for your diabetes.

Cycling reduces arthritis:

For RA or rheumatoid arthritis, cycling is an efficient option. RA increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. So cycling keeps most of the cardiovascular diseases away. Therefore, it is safe to say, cycling is good for rheumatoid arthritis. It is also helpful for other kinds of arthritis.

For people who have arthritis doing exercise is not an easy task. Yet they should get some. So cycling is such an activity as to serve the purpose and not to worse the painful joints. However, in the case of arthritis, one should always consult a doctor before pushing pedals. Otherwise, excessive intensity can be detrimental to an arthritis patient.

Illness of the mind:

We are never healthy if we have an ailing heart. A depressed mind can never be the abode of a healthy spirit. A healthy spirit is a free spirit. And cycling offers the same thing- freedom of mind. Riding a motorbike does the same, but it is costly and less available than a cycle. Moreover, most of us learn to cycle as a child, so it can be easily interwoven into our daily routine. Once you are in love with cycling, there is no coming back. You will never feel depressed again. The impetuous nature of your personality will soon take back its front seat.

Hence a cycling soul is a happy soul!

Keep cycling, keep recycling!


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