Pro Interior Design Tips For Creating a Luxurious Cigar Shop

Cigar Shop

When it comes to Cigar shops, you need to have the best furniture and decorations you can afford. Cigars have always been associated with wealth and luxury, so you don’t want to pinch pennies when buying the decor. When you invite a guest over, you can treat them to a fantastic experience that they’ll never forget. To make their experience unforgettable, you need to have great design ideas that you can mix and match and build with. In the list below, we have created several pro interior design tips that you can use to create a beautiful design shop.

Coffee and station

Cigars and coffee go together like beans and toast. The smell of roasted beans works well with cigar fumes and will conjure up the feelings of wealth and luxury in your customer’s mind’s eye. Plus, a coffee station will prevent your customers from leaving your shop too soon if they are craving coffee, especially in the morning.

Luxury carpeting

 If you have a backroom where customers can smoke their cigars in a quiet environment, then you will need to carpet the floor with beautifully thick carpeting. Your customers will be able to relax and enjoy their cigar as they sit shoeless, resting their feet on your soft carpeting. The best color for carpets is off white, eggshell, and gray. These colors will prevent people from seeing the ash that falls onto the floor.

Choose a great cabinet humidor

When you show off your cigars to potential customers, the #1 element that will make them reconsider buying from your shop is an ugly and shoddy looking humidor. It will show that you don’t care about the quality of the items in your shop. They will also question if the cigar was cared for correctly. 

The best humidors, like these pieces, have double-sided paneling to prevent humidity and moisture from leaking into the main chamber. Another great feature that your humidor needs to have is a glass window large enough for customers to be able to see inside without having to open the door. This will also prevent your shop’s cigars from being exposed to too much moisture in the air. Humidors should also have a temperature display and monitor inside each chamber, so you or your employees can easily see if the inside chambers are at the right temperature. Moisture is the most common reason why cigars become damaged, so every aspect of your humidor must fight against it. 

Find soft cushy couches

It would be best if you had couches and sofas in your store that are unbelievably soft, so people sink into them when they go to sit down. Your customers need to take a load off from their long workdays, and they’ll think of your shop’s plushy sofas and couches. Your furniture will be the highlight of your shop, besides the cigars you’re selling. Plus, many cigar enthusiasts are older, so they will be glad they can rest their joints. 


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