Are Matte Kitchens The Latest Trend

Matte Kitchen

Kitchen trends are always a hot topic at the start of a new year and this year is no exception. Today we’re going to look at one trend in particular…matte kitchens. Matte kitchens are one of the hottest trends on the market at the minute and for good reason too. Whether you have a minimalist or modern kitchen, traditional or country chic, matte kitchens can look extremely classy, upscale and seriously elegant. The best part about a matte kitchen? It doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen cabinets. 

The Benefits Of A Matte Kitchen

There are numerous benefits to a matte kitchen. Here’s a rundown of the most popular:

  • Matte Conceals – high gloss has been popular through the years however, it has one major downfall – it shows up every single stain, smudge and scratch. While they may look shiny and new on installation, it takes a lot to keep them looking shiny and new. With matte kitchens however, you can guarantee a much lower level of cleaning required. This is simply down to light as a matte kitchen won’t reflect as much light, meaning it doesn’t highlight stains and scratches half as much. A matte finish will essentially mask the imperfections making it much easier to ensure your kitchen looks beautiful day in and day out.
  • Matte Offers Subtlety  – when you have a larger kitchen, having high gloss can sometimes feel a little too much. This is especially the case when your kitchen merges into your dining and living room. Matte on the other hand can provide a subtle addition that keeps all rooms looking and feeling calm and tranquil.
  • Matte Offers Texture – matte cabinets or worktops are also a great way of adding texture in open plan spaces too. Matte cabinets can provide a stunning sleek appearance adding real sophistication to your kitchen.

Want Your Own Bespoke Matte Kitchen?

Perhaps one of the reasons that matte kitchens are so popular and are undoubtedly becoming one of the biggest trends this year is down to its versatility. As previously mentioned, the matte effect will find itself at home in every style of kitchen. What’s important is how you incorporate it, through colour and more.

When it comes to a matte kitchen, the bottom line is, regardless of whether it’s a huge trend or not, it all comes down to what you want from your kitchen. What style and design do you want? What do you want your kitchen to feel like when you use it every day? Once you’ve decided on this, a kitchen designer will help you achieve it. 

If you’re looking for high-quality bespoke kitchen design to bring your matte kitchen to life, we highly suggest you contact the incredible team at Matter Designs today. With many years experience and especially great insight into current kitchen trends, you’ll be in safe hands. Contact Matter Designs today. 



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