6 Essential Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Better

ips For Men Who Want To Dress

The way we dress has a profound effect on the way we are perceived, and the way we are perceived has a profound effect on how we end up living our lives. This is why it is important for a man to dress well. And, no matter what your motivation is, it can’t hurt to refresh your style every once in a while to ensure that you’re on top of your game. Below are six essential tips for men who want to dress better.

  1.   Dress To Boost Your Confidence

A person’s confidence is often tied to how they are perceived by others; and with that in mind, the way a person dresses has a staggering effect. Take the military for example: every person is required to wear a uniform that is maintained to the highest standard, along with expert grooming. Why? Because it creates the appearance of a unit that is on top of things. It shows that they don’t overlook even the littlest details. Along with that, they are taught to stand straight to appear confident. After all, in this day and age, appearances are everything.

  1.   Dress To Demonstrate Competence

If the way you dress shows off your confidence like described above, it can also demo nstrate competence. If you exude confidence and in return are viewed as competent, you will reap rewards. Perhaps your boss will see you as someone who’s fit for a promotion, or your friends will come to you for advice. Whether you are the best person to turn to or not, if you are seen as competent, you will be treated as such.

  1.   Dress Appropriately For The Situation

A big part of dressing to show off competence is dressing appropriately. This means avoiding underdressing, as well as overdressing. If you work at a law firm, for instance, and you arrive in a t-shirt and shorts, you obviously won’t be viewed as competent enough to perform your job. In the same way, if you work at a fast food restaurant but are dressed in a pricey suit, you will surely receive odd looks.

  1.   Choose Clothing That Fits

Whether or not you’re wearing the appropriate attire for the occasion, if you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit you well, then it still won’t have the desired effect. If your clothes are too baggy, you will appear sloppy. And if they’re too tight, you will likely be very uncomfortable, thus affecting your confidence.

  1.   Choose Clothing That Complements You

If you were going to dress in unfitting clothes to create a certain effect, there are ways to achieve those effects without dressing in something too big or small. For example, darker clothing creates a slimming effect, and horizontal and vertical stripes create wider and taller appearances, respectively.

  1.   Be Yourself

With all of the above info in mind, it’s still important to maintain some autonomy, which will also make you stand out in your own way. In most cases, adding a personal, individual touch can be as easy as wearing a certain pattern, article, or color. The important thing is not to overdo it. As stated, dress appropriately, but also, don’t lose yourself in the process. Feeling like yourself can do wonders for your confidence.

Take these tips and apply them in whatever way you deem necessary. Whether you’re considering your attire at a workplace, or simply just for life in general, it can’t hurt to put some thought into it. For more tips, tricks, and styling advice, Marcus Sherman has much more to offer.


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