How To Improve Your Home’s Overall Look With The Right Paint Color

Paint Color
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If you are planning to sell your house in the future, one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to improve the overall look of your house and boost its value is by painting it. This is basically the least expensive investment with big returns. But, regardless of your reasons why you want to improve your home’s overall look, choosing the right paint color matters a lot.

But, how can you improve the overall look of your home with the right paint color? Well, there are various things you need to take under consideration and these include the following:

Start By Hiring A Professional Painter

While it’s great to say that you have painted your house by yourself, the work of professional painters can make a difference. The cost of painters hourly wage may vary from one to another. But, what makes it worthwhile to hire painters to do the job for you is that you are guaranteed quality work.

Professional painters can properly prepare your home for painting and are knowledgeable of what paint types work best in which areas of your house. For instance, painters know that they should use particular paints for bathrooms and kitchens to avoid mildew.

Other than the painters’ expertise, experience, and quality of work, they also have the right tools for various paint jobs and know how to use them correctly. They also know the best rollers and brushes for several paints.

Determine The Rooms To Prioritize

Paint is the most transformative, effective, and simplest way to change the look of any space. The right type of pain can make small rooms look bigger and cavernous rooms look smaller.

Once you paint small rooms with pastel or lighter color, they can appear bigger. If you prefer painting the walls and trims the same color, you are creating an illusion of a bigger space. If you have big rooms and you would like them to appear smaller, you can use darker or warmer color to give them a cozier feel. Neutral and lighter colors tend to photograph better since they make rooms feel brighter.

When painting your home, consider prioritizing your bathrooms, kitchen, foyer, and entryways. Buy a sample can and paint a cardboard with that color to know if it works appropriately in your space. Observing the play of artificial and natural light on the color may help you narrow down your choices.

Using The Right Type Of Paint Matters A Lot

If you are not sure about the best type of paint for your home, do your homework or ask for help from the experts. The kind of paint you pick is as essential as the color and may have a major effect on your home’s overall look and quality of the paint job. Some of the types of paint you may consider are as follows:

  • Oil-Based Paints – These can be used Houston Texas Painters on every surface and are often praised for their rich finish and high durability. However, you have to be cautious with these paints because they emit strong fumes, which can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, this paint can’t be washed off with water. Once you decide to choose it, solvents are necessary to wash brushes and some materials with splashes of paints.
  • Water-Based Paints – Most wall paints today are water-based for the reason that they are easy to use. If the surface has been coated using an oil-based product, you must be cautious when switching to water-based paints because they may have trouble sticking. That is why you have to wash the surface first and roughen it with smooth grit sandpaper to make it dry, clean, and dull to prevent peeling.
  • Paint Finishes – The options for sheen may differ from one manufacturer to another. As durability improves across every sheen level with new paints, a lot of people find creative ways to mix and match them. Depending on your preferences, you can experiment with the use of paint finish to make real texture and impact within your preferred color scheme.

Choose The Right Paint Color Wisely

Whether you’re in the process of selling your home or not, it’s a good option to choose off-white or white color for walls. It will let the buyers cover the wall easily with their preferred color and would provide your rooms a clean and brighter appearance. But, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the color palette for your home.

There are hundreds of paint brochures and selections you can find at a paint store. Depending on what you want, discuss your requirements with the salesperson. You may also change the feel of the rooms in your house with a bit of planning and varying shades of color to achieve a certain feel or look.

The golden rule when choosing the right paint color is to take note of the color wheel. Everybody knows that the primary colors include blue, yellow, and red. Combining any of the primary colors will give you secondary colors. However, if you have already forgotten about the color wheel and want to check every shade of a certain color, it’s best to ask for assistance from a paint expert to make the process much easier for you.

Your preferences for your home’s overall look can affect your decision when choosing the right paint color. Below are some of the usual looks you may consider for your home and the best paint color to pick:

  • Soothing and Subtle Look

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You may consider staying within the same shade and take advantage of the monochromatic approach, like different shades of blue for subtle colors, which tend to be more soothing. These colors tend to look good in a bedroom or bathroom if you like to feel calm. Just pick your preferred color and try overlapping the shades.

For instance, choose a darker color for your wall and another one from the same color scheme with a slightly lighter shade for your room’s trim. Your beddings, accessories, towels, and curtains may be also in varying shades from the same scheme. You may also layer the colors by choosing a lighter green for the basecoat and do faux paint with darker green overlay.

Some of the best light color choices include soft shades of yellow, pink, lavender, and blue. These make the rooms more romantic and peaceful in terms of ambiance. If you’re searching for a calmer ambiance in your room, pick lighter shades of warm or cool colors. Use various textures in your accessories and bedding to make rooms more appealing. Never hold on to the old rule of one texture and shade. You’ll be surprised at the effects of changing colors and textures for your room.

  • Vibrant Look

If you want your space or room to have a vibrant look, select vibrant colors and their shades such as dark purples, reds, gold, and oranges. You may also complement such colors by choosing two colors next to one another like orange and gold and another one from the color wheel’s opposite side like purple. You may also choose red and black to make your space stand out and to achieve an oriental look. Select two colors next to one another in the color wheel for more visual contrast.

  • Elegant Look

The neutral colors provide flexibility and elegance within a room. The neutral colors are not always beige or white. You may turn your simple living room into an elegant space by choosing different shades of neutral colors. For instance, if you have almond walls, you can consider red toned brown on the trim. You may also add color splashes throughout your room with the color of your vase or throw pillows that are carefully placed to offset subtle neutral tones in your room.

Never be afraid of adding texture to your room accessories. The neutral colors enable you to have more flexibility in quickly changing the feel of the rooms. You may also change the feel of neutral rooms by adding various colored accessories, or consider a new color for painting the trim.

You may choose either a deeper or lighter neutral color, as it can help you vary the room’s look. Take note that the lighter the color you choose, the more spacious your room will look. Varying shades of garnet, rust or mahogany will provide instant elegance, and will surely give your room a feeling of richness and earthiness. This is also ideal for those who want to achieve an earthy or natural look in their homes.

Use Warm Neutral Colors For Your Home Interior

Your house will seem more attractive if you use neutral colors. This can also be beneficial if you want to sell your property in the future because neutral colors make it much easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in your house, as this kind of paint goes well with many things.

Don’t Use More Than 3 Paint Colors For Your Home Exterior

Your home exterior is the first thing that people will see before entering your house. So, make sure its paint is plain and simple.

When it comes to home exterior painting, you must not use more than three colors. Try following the 60-30-10 rule, which is 60% for the body of your house, 30% for the garage and trim, and the 10% for shutters and front with a pop of color.

Using many colors on your home exterior can be a bit distracting and make your property smaller or choppy. A good color scheme includes neutral gray, brown or blue, and white.

It’s also important to remember not to use bright colors. While they may look good in photos, bright homes are more of a personal choice and not a good option for average buyers and might make it hard for you to sell your house. If you want something unique, you can just accent the shutters or front door with a bright color.

Ideal Paint Colors For Various Rooms

Before you start painting every room in your home, you have to take into consideration the mood you would like to achieve. You cannot paint all the walls in your house the same color. Keep in mind that the right paint color for kitchens is not necessarily the shade you would prefer in your bathrooms. Although neutral colors are always a good choice, any living room, regardless of its size, looks better in white, gray, and black while the dining room should be in cream, brown, and beige color.

Below are some of the suggestions you may consider for every room:

  • Kitchen – It must feel welcoming and cheery while emitting energetic and productive vibes. Choose shades of orange and yellow as these work well with kitchens.
  • Living Room – For this space where most socializing happens, select a color that is easy on the eyes and seems happy. You can prefer green for your living room. It’s also a room where you have an option to go bold as long as the colors are not too bright and hard on one’s eyes.
  • Bedroom – It deserves colors that make the space more intimate, much cozier, and luxurious. Violets and reds are perfect, but a lot of other colors also work well.
  • Basement – If you consider this place as your secondary living room, you may choose paint colors that are bold or pale versions of the colors you prefer, so it will not appear gloomy.
  • Bathroom – In terms of the paint colors for bathrooms, stick with pale ones that will not be jarring once you visit in the morning or night time. Mint green would look good, but if you want an alternative, you can go with shades of blue.

Depending on your preferences for every room, make sure that your chosen paint color makes a statement and blends well with your home décor or accessories.


The right paint color can make a huge difference to your home’s overall look. Whether you want to increase your property’s value or upgrade its look, painting your house can be a wise investment. Just choose the best paint colors that will not just appeal to you, but also to potential buyers in the future, especially if you are planning to sell it. If you are still confused about the choices or options when choosing the right paint color, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the experts.


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