8 Things You Should Have In Your Bathroom

Things You Should Have In Your Bathroom
Empty Interior Of Contemporary Bathroom With Mirror And Wash Basin

The bathroom is one of  those areas in your home that receive the most traffic as you basically go in and out of this place countless times in a day. It is where you do all things related to personal hygiene, thus it should be both functional and comfortable. And, in order to achieve this, there is a host of things that should be put in here so as to make your bathroom experience all the more satisfying.

Here are eight things you should have in your bathroom:

1. Innovative Storage

Many bathrooms don’t have enough storage space for keeping all the toilet essentials, such as towels, rolls of tissue paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as, maybe, your favorite clarifying shampoo, just to name a few. 

To be able to fit all these in your bathroom without looking like a mess, you will need to come up with innovative storage solutions, such as:

  • Over-the-toilet Shelves: These are storage solutions that are some distance above your toilet water tank. They are great because they use that vertical wall space just above the already occupied toilet bowl and tank area. They could be fixed onto the wall or free-standing.
  • Home Storage Items: These are the common storage items around the house. They include mini book shelves and bedside tables. Place any of these in a strategic location in your bathroom for extra storage space.

2. Shower Curtains, Liners, And Holders

The combination of shower curtains, liners, and holders in a bathroom provides privacy when you are in the shower, as well as prevents water spills when you take a bath.

The shower liner is usually made of a water-resistant material, such as vinyl or plastic. Its primary purpose is to prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor and provide some level of privacy when somebody takes a shower.

The shower curtain, on the one hand, basically acts the same way as a shower liner. However, this one is the  more visually appealing covering that provides not just privacy, but also an element of design. You can’t use a shower curtain without a liner because the former is not water-resistant.

3. Absorbent Bath Mats

Coming out of the shower or bathtub after a good bath would typically have you dripping wet. This is when an absorbent bath mat enters the picture. It performs the role of absorbing water trickling off your body. Furthermore, it needs to be strategically positioned so you won’t have to leave a long wet trail before getting on it.

4. Rails And Hooks

Toilet paper, toothbrush holders, towels, and soaps are a few items that require rails and hooks. These rails and hooks can be placed on your bathroom walls without overusing space. Make sure that these stuff are within arm’s reach. For example, there is no point in having a toothbrush holder so far away from the basin. Thus, proximity should be taken into consideration.

bathroom sink

5. Good Lighting

Lighting is important in almost every area of your home, including the bathrooms. Bathroom lighting should be a combination of natural (sunlight) and artificial light sources (lamps, light bulbs, or candles).

6. Mirror

A mirror can significantly improve a bathroom’s overall look. It is a functional item that reflects light into your bathroom space and allows you to take a good look at yourself.

These are some of the different types of  bathroom mirrors:

  • Framed Mirrors: These are the basic types of mirrors for bathrooms. They can be easily styled in a manner that suits the overall look and feel of your  bathroom.
  • Ledge Mirrors: These types of mirrors have built-in ledges for holding items, such as soaps and toothbrushes.
  • Medicine Cabinet Mirrors: These are the most common types of bathroom mirrors. They double as storage space for medicines.
  • Venetian Mirrors: With their stunningly designed frames, these bathroom mirrors add a feminine or a classic touch to bathrooms.

7. Plungers And Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Plungers and toilet bowl cleaners are essential items to have in your bathroom. Plungers help a clogged shower to drain quickly, while toilet bowl cleaners do exactly what their name suggests, which is clean toilet bowls.

As these are cleaning tools that do some of the dirtiest jobs perceivable, its best to hide them from plain sight by placing them behind cabinets or putting them in nice-looking containers.

8. Trash Can

Empty soap boxes, empty sachets, and used toilet papers should all end up in a trash can, so it’s of the essence to have one inside the bathroom. If possible, the trash can should be able to retain liquid to prevent water from dripping onto the bathroom floor.


In order for your bathroom to be both cozy and serviceable, as well as spotlessly clean, it has to have all the essential elements listed above. But, remember that acquiring these stuff doesn’t need to break the bank. Do your research and read reviews so you’re able to purchase the ones that are effective and fit your budget.


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