Home Remodeling Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

home remodeling

If you are thinking of selling your home, or just want to increase the value, consider taking on a few home remodeling projects. By remodeling a few key areas inside and outside of your home, you can see a return on your investment of up to 75% of the remodeling costs.

Here are 4 home remodeling projects that are sure to give you a healthy return on your investment.

Start With the Basics

Before you tackle the more involved home remodeling projects, start with the basic upgrades to ensure your home is safe and functioning correctly.

Some of those basic upgrades include:

  • Replacing old and/or rotted wood
  • Checking for, and treating, any mold in your home
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior and interior of your home
  • Attending to any plumbing issues that need to be resolved
  • Replace any old and worn flooring

By making these changes, you will show any potential buyer your home is well-cared for and a great investment for them to make.

Maximize Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a huge part of curb appeal, and it’s one of the most valuable home remodeling projects you can complete.

Maximize your landscaping by:

  • Making sure your yard is healthy and free of weeds and debris
  • Adding a focal point to your yard, like a fountain or a tree
  • Adding planters with colorful flowers
  • Using interesting bricks or stones to add a paved pathway

Use these elements to highlight the architecture of your home so you can make the best first impression with potential buyers.

Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

As the old saying goes, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.

It’s true, updated kitchens and bathrooms are 2 of the most desirable home design features buyers look for when purchasing a home. Knowing this, it makes sense that remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms is great for your overall resale value.

Keep in mind that starting your remodeling project does not have to be a massive undertaking. By implementing a few of the latest design trends, you can make minor changes that have a major impact.

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Updating your home to be as energy-efficient as possible is one of those quick DIY projects that will greatly increase the resale value of your home.

To increase the energy efficiency of your home, you can:

  • Change all of the light bulbs to LEDs
  • Install low-flow showerheads
  • Make sure your attic and walls are properly insulated
  • Replace your appliances with ENERGY STAR rated products
  • Install energy-efficient window and doors
  • Seal all cracks and leaks
  • Plant shade shrubs and trees around your home

By making these changes, you will be saving money on energy, helping the environment and increasing the value of your home.

Increasing Resale Value With Home Remodeling: The Bottom Line

There are so many ways to update and improve your home. By taking on a few of these home remodeling projects, you can drastically increase the overall resale value of your home.

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