Benefits Of Installing An Aluminium Tray On Your Ute

aluminium ute trays

Most ute owners struggle with the decision on whether to retain the factory-installed tub or install an aluminium tray for their utility vehicles. Aluminium trays have become common add-ons for utes for their benefits. While some ute owners still favour tubs, the advantages that come with custom ute trays make them almost irresistible. Here are some benefits of ute trays that make them worth installing:

1. Extra Load Capacity

The extra load area provided by aluminium ute trays makes them likeable. More load capacity means that truck owners can carry all the belonging they need on their utility trucks. Compared to utility vehicles with standard tubs, trucks fitted with custom aluminium trays can carry an extra load – furniture, construction tools, and many other items, thanks to the extra load space.

2. Customisability

With factory-installed tubs, there are no design options for your utility vehicle. On the other hand, custom aluminium trays allow owners to specify the details for their desired tray: design, size, colour, and finish. Ute owners can add custom finishes to the aluminium tray, such as a glossy finish or a colour that matches that of the vehicle.

3. Tray Options and Accessories

With custom aluminium trays, vehicle owners can mix up accessories to their liking. Such mix and match options may not be available for factory-installed tubs, which makes it a plus for custom aluminium trays. While both tubs and custom trays accommodate ladder racks and lockable toolboxes, aluminium trays have additional options such as slide-out drawers, removable or double-height side rails, and canopies.

4. Value-Addition

By fitting their utility vehicles with aluminium tray, ute owners substantially add value to their vehicles. This implies that in case the owner decides to resell their ute, they can place a higher asking price for their vehicle. Ute fitted with custom aluminium trays are sort-after in the market, and are likely to sell for better prices.

5. Suitable For the Work Environment

Custom aluminium trays are better suited for the work environment. They have more loading capacity, are more versatile, and certainly make work easier. Whatever they intend to do with their ute, owners can benefit from their suitability to any work.

6. Durability

Aluminium is a durable material, no wonder its popularity among manufacturers of custom ute trays. These trays are therefore built to withstand wear and tear from the daily activities. Such trays, when maintained properly, can last for many years.

7. Aesthetic Value

Aluminium ute trays help improve the looks of a utility truck. By designing one for your business ute, you look professional once you show up for a job, which helps boost business operations.

8. Bolster Security

With aluminium ute trays, owners can equip their utility vehicles with extra security features. They can achieve lockable toolboxes to help protect their tools whenever they on-site. Lockable drawers may also help keep equipment and supplies intact.

Aluminium ute trays have become popular among utility vehicle owners for their many benefits. Besides adding to the looks and security of your utility vehicle, these trays also offer extra load capacity, add value to the vehicle, and also make the ute adapt to any work environment.


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