7 Small Touches That Will Make Your Wedding Even More Special

Wedding Even More Special

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you undoubtedly have your work cut out for you. It’s not easy deciding on locations, finalizing guest lists, sending out invitations, coordinating entertainers, photographers, and more. With an event as daunting as a wedding, it’s easy for little details to be ignored in favor of ensuring all of the larger details for the day are completely ironed out. 

However, it’s the little details that will truly make your wedding unique and it’s easier to focus on those little details when you have a vision to act upon. We’ve compiled a list of 7 small touches and ideas to complete those small touches so that you can walk away with a complete vision of what you’d like to do for your wedding. 

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1) Non-Traditional Food Items

Non-Traditional Food

There’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding food. Wedding soup, pasta, steak, and spring salads are great, but there may be non-traditional food and dessert items that you/your guests might enjoy more. Pizza, tacos, and chicken and waffles all come to mind as popular non-traditional menu items. Don’t be afraid to break the mold and offer guests some of your favorite food items, even if they wouldn’t be considered traditional wedding foods. The same goes for dessert. You may decide to skip wedding cake in favor of pre-made s’ mores, key lime pie, or donuts. (Generic Viagra)  

2) Personalized/Customizable Wedding Items

Customizable Wedding Items

There are so many small components of a wedding that can be personalized just for you. You could order custom-printed plastic cups with the bride and groom’s names on them. You could also create your own wedding snapchat filter or have custom napkins designed as well. All of these little touches can go a long way in creating a unique experience for you and your guests. 

3) Non-Traditional Flower Bouquets

 Non-Traditional Flower Bouquets

Traditional flower bouquets are gorgeous, but they can be expensive and may not necessarily reflect your personality. You can customize your bouquet to add your own flair into the mix. Non-traditional bouquet materials include succulents, paper flowers, dried branches, pine cones, dried herbs, feathers, and yarn. 

4) Magical Lighting

Magical Lighting

Fairy lights and vintage outdoor light bulbs have become incredibly popular outdoor decor items and they help to make any space feel magical. While stringed lighting is commonly used for outdoor weddings, you could also use stringed lights in your indoor venue if the venue will allow it. Implementing this kind of lighting for your wedding will provide incredible photo opportunities. Make sure to hire an excellent photographer. 

5) Fun Photo Backdrops

Fun Photo Backdrops

Your guests will want to capture and remember the moment just as much as you do. Photo booths and walls are a great way for guests to entertain themselves and have something to take home/share. You can elevate your guests photos with specially crafted backdrops. You could use giant paper flowers, artfully created chalkboard murals, or draped plants to create the perfect background for guest photos.  

6) Furry Guests

Furry Guests

Your ability to host animal guests will depend on the location of your reception. If you’re having an indoor reception (that isn’t in a barn), this is an idea that likely won’t work. However, outdoor and barn receptions are perfect locations for furry guests to make an appearance. 

You can host baby goats or work with an animal shelter to have puppies and kittens for guests to play with. Supervision and an enclosed area will likely be needed to keep the animals out of trouble, but the joy and fun they’ll bring will be priceless. 

7) A Unique Guest Book

Unique Guest Book

The guest book is another component of your wedding that you can customize to make unique. Provide a polaroid camera for guests to take photos and attach to their messages, or use a bottle for guests to leave messages in the bottle. Additional guest book ideas include making a guest quilt, having guests paint a sign, or asking guests to sign one of your favorite records. 


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