Top 5 Hotel Furniture Products

Hotel Furniture Products

From chaise lounges to high-top tables, there is a wide range of furniture items hotels need to furnish their lobbies, rooms, restaurants, and bars. For those who are new to the hospitality industry, there are a few furniture needs that should be prioritized over others. The most essential furniture includes beds, sofas and coffee tables of course but apart from these fundamentals, there are indoor hospitality & hotel furniture products that are trending and which significantly determine the outlook of a hotel. Here are 5 top trending furniture solutions that will add to the elegance and beauty of your hotel, and help be the best inn in the area.

1. Bar Stools: These high chairs are trending right now. They can be in the shape of high wooden stools or club seats, having a very sporty and lively look, they add to the ambiance of the place. They are commonly found at the bar or at high-top tables. One special shape of the barstool: the strike barstool has become really popular in recent years. The strike ball is different from other barstools as it incorporates shortly joined armrests on the high chair.

2. The York Lounge Chair:  This type of lounge chair has a beautiful and geometrically angular frame and large cushions. The clean, simple lines of the frame display elegance, simplicity and retro touch, upholstered in a range of fabrics, it is perfect for your hotel lobby, patio, restaurant or cafe. You can choose between the detailed stitched fabrics or plain upholstery. What differentiates the York lounge chair from other lounge chairs is the large angular frame that makes itself vivid. As the same line in the shape of a trapezium makes the base and arms of the chair. Another unique feature is the absence of the conventional four-leg structure.

3. Doughnut Chair: Also known as the lunule chair, is an award-winning chair design; winning the silver award in the A’ Design Award & Competition. Featuring a wooden frame with black leather upholstery gives an excellent contrasting color scheme. The doughnut-shaped seat supports the body and provides excellent comfort for sitting for a long time.

4.  Desk Task Chairs: Hotel services are frequently availed by people on business and work trips. On these trips, they often need to research and work during their time at the hotel. Desk task chairs are becoming more and more popular and are being used in hotel suites and libraries to provide a place for the guests to read and work. These chairs typically have wheels and are rotatable, ideal for work.

5. Headboards: All hotels have beds, but all beds don’t have headboards. Headboards are an opulence found in the rooms of the very best hotels that want to provide comfort with quality. Headboards are a luxury accessory for rooms, they give an elegant and rich look to the room and enable the user to sit up comfortably in bed. You can get custom headboards along with your bed, complementing each other.


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