Best Aftermarket Mods for Your Sports Car

Aftermarket Mods for Your Sports Car

If working on your car is one of your favorite past times, and you enjoy improving your performance and aesthetic appeal, there are plenty of mods you can do to make it run and look better.

However, a lot of these things are expensive or require expertise that you may not have. If you are a mechanic, then good for you! But if you’re not, here are some of the best things you can do to your car. Better yet, you can do them yourself.


Believe it or not, your tires have a lot to do with your car’s performance. They affect everything from appearance to traction to handling, and even gas mileage. Good tires with quality rubber allow you to get the traction you need on the road – especially when you floor it at the stoplight.

Translate all of that oomph to the road for the get-up and go that your car needs. Wider tires mean more contact with the road, which means more traction. After you get new tires, make sure you keep them properly inflated so that you experience better handling, which is critical to harnessing all of that power at your fingertips.

Spark Plugs

New spark plugs are super easy to change, and more of an improvement than you can imagine. Quality spark plugs produce a better spark, which is all your car needs to produce better combustion. That means better fuel economy and performance.


Now that you have more power and better handling, you want a smooth ride to go with it. Sports cars aren’t exactly known for their comfortable seating, but they could be! Stock rubber bushings help to reduce vibrations, but only until they wear out and crack.

Aftermarket polyurethane bushings last longer and do a much better job of reducing those vibrations by minimizing weight transfer. You will have more fun driving and your passengers will have a more comfortable ride. That is if you care.

Cold Air Intake

When you can’t breathe, you can’t run, or at least not very fast. Your car feels the same way. A new cold air intake will help the air move freely to your engine. That means your car breathes easier and increases performance.

Better yet, the air feels cold and dense, which your engine will put to better use than hot air. See Mechanic guide’s review of the best cold air intakes for ideas.


You don’t really need an infotainment system to increase your performance, but it does make you’re daily drive more fun. If you use your sports car as your daily driver as well, you might want to add a little something to make it more interesting.

It gives you a modern interface and sound system that you can enjoy when you’re only concerned about getting from Point A to Point B and not about how quickly you can make it to the other end of the drag strip.

Data Monitoring

If you’re particularly handy under the hood, you probably don’t have a hard time diagnosing issues. But you could still benefit from a data monitoring system that helps you diagnose your check engine light issue more quickly so you can get to a fix faster and get back on the road. Data monitoring can help catch small issues before they become big ones.

Remote Start

Cool down or warm up your car ahead of time. Of course it’s not necessary, but it is a nice feature to have if you live through really hot summers or extremely cold winters. These are easy to install on your own and don’t have to cost a ton of money.

You can also install plenty of other things that make maintenance easier and your driving experience more fun. Try tire pressure monitoring, a backup camera, or an engine control unit. You’ll be so glad you did!

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