Why is Holiday with Friends More Fun?


There is not a single iota of doubt that we all like to travel. Traveling is not only exploring new areas or enjoying scenic beauties but also a way of discovering your true self. How? Because in your native town it is almost inevitable, how you would react to every situation or your lifestyle where you know every person, every emergency places. But when you are transported to an area where not a single thing is familiar, or you do not know every convenient or emergency location only then your true self starts to emerge.


Only then can you understand how you react to an uncertain or inconvenient situation. That is why traveling is the best method to explore yourself. Now the real question lies in the matter of whether traveling solo or traveling with a friend is more convenient. While there are some outstanding facets of traveling solo or with friends is more fun and compelling. The supporting reasons in this matter can be framed in the following manner. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 



well! The first thing that comes in the list of reasons why traveling with friends is more convenient is safety. Yes. When you go to a completely unknown place to visit, security becomes the priority. Now imagine you are alone in a desolate place and you are with your friends in that same place. When will you feel safe? The answer is, of course, when you are with your friends. Traveling to new places where you do not know single people, your friends come handy in such situations. It also wards off risks of robbery.

Comes handy in case of emergency: 

Traveling to a new place means a unique atmosphere, fresh food, and water, in short, a whole new way of living. Now in such situations, things can go south because of simple food poisoning or fever. Now imagine in such dire need of some help, you are alone, suffering alone in your hotel room. Only friends can come handy in such situations. They can take you to the emergency room or call a doctor. That is why traveling with friends has its advantages. 

Helps in the budget: 

Now going to a new place to travel alone can cost you more. Why? You might ask. The answer is straightforward. Suppose you are in a town and residing in a hotel room. Now you have to take place to stay at the hotel, and you cannot share it with any other unknown person because of safety. Now if you had gone to travel with your friends, then you can share your room with them. Sharing a room with your friends means sharing the budget of that room. 

It goes the same for traveling in vehicles. You have to book a vehicle to travel, be it sumo or Innova, or whatever it can be. Traveling solo means you have to carry the entire cost of that vehicle. Now, if you share it with your friends, automatically, the cost of travel goes south, and you can travel in a highly economic budget. 

Make memories together: 

Going to a place with your friends means everyone is making a memory of that tour in their way. You might miss a few details while traveling, but having friends with you in travel time means you have extra pairs of eyes. They can draw your attention to some mesmerizing beauty or animals when you are busy looking at the other side. So, it is a no brainer that this traveling in a friend group makes your journey more enticing. 

Sharing your experience: 

The whole point of traveling to new places kind of gets lost if you cannot share what you are feeling by watching a mesmerizing scenic beauty. If there is no one with you to share why this sunset is so alluring, then the whole point of going to exciting places or doing exciting things gets lost. Also, your friend can provide you with a new perspective of seeing what you are viewing. So, sharing your thoughts, attitudes, experiences with your friends only makes your travel more enthralling and memorable. 

Strengthen your friendship: 

Because of our busy daily schedule, we hardly get much time to meet our friends. So, the threads friendships become loose. Traveling with your friend not only tighten your bond but also feel your friends closer to each other than you ever think. With all these funny jokes, sleepless nights, getting lost together, laughing together bring back the genuine warmth of friendship. 

Motivates you in your journey: 

Often, we feel tired or exhausted on our trip. Sometimes we wish to stay at the hotel and do nothing. If we travel alone, then there will be no one to push us to get off our back and get out of the hotel. Without them, we would have been wasting our time in the hotel just by sleeping or watching TV. That is why you need friends on your journey. They will always push you to explore more, get out more, and enjoy more. 

Can take your amazing photos: 

One of the essential jobs while traveling is to take amazing pictures of scenic beauty and amazing photos of that scenic beauty with you in it. Having friends in your journey means having extra hands. What can those hands do better than taking your amazing photos? If you travel solo, taking pictures of yourself can get tricky. That is why traveling with your friends means having someone to take your photos the way you want. You do not need to rent photographers. It makes your journey more budget-friendly. 

You always carry a piece of home with you: 

yes! Going to an entirely new place with no one can make your tour more adventurous. But traveling with your friends means you are carrying a part of your family with you. It gives you a sense of belongingness. You do not miss home; instead, you can have both the feelings of home and away. It gives you peace of mind, and you can travel without any worries.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a plan with your friends, pack your bags and leave to a new destination with your friends. Amazing things are waiting for you.   


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