How Long Does Rehab Take? This is Everything You Need to Realize

how long does rehab take

Did you know that overdose deaths have tripled since 1990? Of all the substance abusers going down that path, only 10 percent seek help.

Going to rehab can be the difference between life and death.

One of the reasons users are hesitant to go to rehab is the length of commitment. How long does rehab take? Will it make me sober?

These questions are valid concerns. Education and awareness about rehab will help more addicts get help. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Rehab?

Rehab, or rehabilitation, is the process of detoxing from drugs, alcohol, or addictive activities. It includes teaching the mind and body how to cope without them.

Although there’s an obvious physical element of rehab, much of it is mental and emotional.

If an addict wants to get sober, they need to address the reasons they started using and continued using. Often, there’s emotional trauma they need to work through to get sober.

Different Types of Rehab

There are drug rehab centers all over the country. Each provides a different level of service with different amenities and specialties.

Some provide detoxification from drugs, like heroin and opioids. This process is risky and requires 24/7 monitoring from health professionals.

Many centers offer in-patient programs. That means the patients live on the premises and the center provides all their food, lodging, therapy, and activities.

Out-patient programs allow the patient to live outside the center. However, they are expected to participate in therapy and activities.

Which Program is Right For You?

Every addiction is unique. Alcoholism looks different from one person to the next. For this reason, there’s no definite length of time that rehab is guaranteed to work.

To find the right program for you, speak to an intake administrator from a reputable rehab center. They’ll likely want to do an assessment of your physical and mental health. Finding a reputable drug rehab Miami center is no easy task. There are so many options and details to consider that it can be very difficult to just make a decision without understanding the consequences. You may have to travel long distances and stay in a hotel or motel for the duration of your treatment. There may be certain programs that specialize in meeting the needs of those who do not live locally.

The health professionals will help you enter the correct program for your needs and goals.

How Do You Find a Reputable Rehab?

Not all rehab centers provide the same quality of care. It’s important to do your research before admitting yourself or a loved one.

Here are some key elements to research:

  • The experience and accreditation of the doctors and therapists
  • Its success rate
  • Reviews from past patients
  • The types of addictions they specialize in

It’s important to decide what your goals are for treatment. If you want to become fully sober and learn how to live a sober lifestyle, you may need ongoing support.

If all you want is to detox your body and then reevaluate your goals, that’s okay too. Getting your foot in the door of treatment is the first step to getting better.

So…How Long Does Rehab Take?

Ultimately, the answer to “how long does rehab take?” varies. It depends on your type of addiction, your personality, and your openness to treatment.

Addiction is a lifelong journey that requires dedication and intention every day.

For more information and tips on getting clean, check out the Drugs section of our blog.


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