Stop being scared of decorating your life and living space

decorating your life and living space

As much as it seems ridiculous, some people are deathly scared of decorating their rooms, purses, backpacks, and of course, in the end, lives as well. Why is that? That’s a good question. And today, we’re going to try and answer it, but it won’t be an easy task. And if you’re up for it, you can explore this topic with us, since we find it to be so fascinating. But, let’s not waste any more time on this intro, and let us simply dive into the article together!

There are a couple of references that we want to use, the first being about video games. And no, we’re not talking about free porn games. Although, in an appropriate setting, they might be able to serve as an example. Anyhow, one thing is common to all video games. You have to customize your whole character. You have to think about how you’ll dress them, what armor you’ll stuff on them, and what weapon you’ll choose. Some games rely on you thinking about different stats and strengths, but some let you depend purely on your sense of style. And when you’re customizing your characters, you’re not afraid of completing that task. Personalizing your home isn’t any different. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie, it is different. But with that difference, if you have some financial freedom, decorating should be a fun task! Your home should reek of you and what you’re all about in the end. It’s a fun way of thinking about and defining who you are. Such a ‘menial’ task can serve as a window to your soul, as all unimportant tasks do. Through ridiculous things, we often learn something about ourselves. So, arranging stuff at your tiny living space can be an incredible adventure as well.

Our next reference would be the popular series House MD, and we’re sure you all remember it. In the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of it, House and Wilson are having a discussion. House, like a total lunatic, is trying to convince Wilson to decorate his apartment on his own. Wilson works continuously but is repeatedly failing at that task because he couldn’t find anything he likes. And then he realized that purchasing furniture is proving to be more difficult than he thought. Probably because Wilson doesn’t quite know himself from indulging in and enabling House’s crap, but still, it just goes to prove how buying furniture is more complicated than playing adult sex games and wasting your time. In the end, he decides to get House off his back and hire a decorator to help him out. And he did, and it looks like the problem was fixed. But when they once again started discussing why Wilson is running from himself and doesn’t want to take his life into his hands, House is the one that’s left surprised. Wilson bought him a piano/organ, which House appreciated.

That goes to show you this – sometimes, knowing yourself means sharing a living space with someone and gifting them something pleasant as well. Different things work for different people, and you should always be true to yourself. Think about who you are, what your style is, and if you’re residing somewhere with a roommate, think about them too. You can either stylize your private space and keep your nose out of their business. Or, you can bring in a bit of yourself and brighten someone’s day up. To sum our point perfectly, arranging your life’s aspects should be a fun job to do, no matter how it ends up. We encourage you to take the issue into your own hands, but hiring a decorator seems like a perfectly acceptable idea as well. At least you’re paying for something useful, and you won’t be throwing out your money on free adult games. It’s essential to be a serious individual sometimes. In this modern age of weird images and memes, people take pride in being chaotic. And of course, they’re proud because their house is messy like that’s a funny quality quirk, but it’s not. Especially if you’re sharing your life with someone else. So, the least you can do for yourself and them is to organize your place, your stuff, and to keep it all clean. If you do that, and if you take our advice, your life might be better. It’s essential to live in a decent place because when it’s organized, you can keep tabs on your chores more naturally. And you’ll be more relaxed that way as well.


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