A Simple Guide to Protective Equipment for New DIYers

Protective Equipment for New DIYers

If you are looking to start working around your house, or have a small workshop or garage space; you will need to consider using the correct attire to protect yourself.

If you have your own workshop, or are looking to just do odd jobs around the house without spending too much money on contractors…(we are all looking to save some money), then you will really need to make sure to stock up on not only the correct tools for the job, but also some gear to protect yourself.

DIY accidents are extremely common and range from mild to serious. However, investing in some simple items can possibly save you thousands in medical bills.

Some essential items include: 

Hand Protection

A simple pair of gloves can actually help to work more effectively. The protection they provide can extend further than merely protecting your hands, but also to avoiding drop injuries from the extra grip that a decent pair can provide.

You will need to make sure you get the right pair of gloves for the job at hand, so for example if you were going to try your hand at welding, you will need to invest in a high quality pair of welding gloves. However, if you were going to be painting and staining wood, then a simple pair of latex gloves could suffice.

Eye Protection

Eye injuries are perhaps in the top 5 most common DIY accidents but can be easily avoided by grabbing a simple pair of goggles. They don’t have to be expensive, but you do need to wear them when working in your home.

The eye is extremely fragile and can be seriously injured by anything ranging from simple dust to metal debris, (especially dangerous in the form of metal shavings or wood from drilling or sawing).

When shopping for a decent pair of goggles, you will want to look out for some qualities such as:

  • Fitting (look for adjustable arms if you are unsure)
  • Durability (what material)
  • Rating (what materials they are rated to protect against)

Face Protection

This is probably for the more advanced DIYers among you!

If you are already somewhat comfortable with simple DIY tasks and want to move onto the real money saving options, then you might consider a face shield.

This is mainly for those looking to do some home metalworking such as cutting or more specifically; welding.

Again, you don’t need to break the bank when looking to invest in this piece of equipment, but you do need to make sure that it is from a reputable company, and fits you correctly.

Ventilator Masks

When working with anything that will create fumes or dust, a respirator is an absolutely indispensable piece of kit.

No matter how much ventilation you think you have in your garage or workshop, it isn’t enough…trust us! In fact, even when outside and working with certain materials, you should get a face mask, if only for peace of mind.

Some noxious fumes can even lead to unconsciousness which, as I am sure doesn’t need explaining, can lead to serious illness, dangerous accidents and in some cases could even be fatal.

An affordable mask can help you to avoid all of these pitfalls, but again make sure it is fit for purpose and is correctly rated for the job you will be doing.


Most personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to protect you from injury, but not all. A simple set of coveralls can be the difference between a satisfying job well done, and a disaster zone of ruined clothing and paint smeared attire!

Coveralls are recommended for any job that you will be doing, outside of very simple tasks such as putting up picture frames etc.

Dust can severely ruin your clothing and not only that, when working with sharp objects, it is very easy to rip open clothes and possibly even your skin. A decent set of overalls can help to negate this.

You simply slip the overalls over your existing outfit, button up and away you go!

The great thing about investing in a good set of coveralls, is that you can buy once and it should last you a very, very long time.


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