Top 5 Pieces of Safety Gear for Kids in Sports

Top 5 Pieces of Safety Gear for Kids in Sports

It’s important to keep your kids active, but sports can be dangerous. Let’s make sure they’re safe while they play.

Running around, making friends, and playing outside are key elements for childhood development. But it’s important to remember that these children are still developing, and overtaxing their muscles and joints at this stage of life can make a serious impact on their physical health as they mature and grow. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your child has every tool at their disposal to stay healthy and safe. 

1. Helmets

Childhood concussions and head injuries are more common than you’d think. Even in non-contact sports such as soccer, kids can run into each other and bump heads, or even take a soccer ball to the face. Be it biking around the neighborhood, learning to use a stunt scooter or skateboard, or just playing on a local sports team, when your child is active, wearing a helmet can make all the difference. 

2. Mouthguards

“Just as easy as hitting their head, a child can hit their teeth. For children’s sports, this is often written off as their adult teeth haven’t grown in yet. However, damage to the jaw and gumline can cause issues in speech and chewing, especially during the formative years. In sports like hockey, football, lacrosse, and more your child’s teeth are in danger of serious damage that can create real issues for them later in life. That’s why it’s important to teach your children properly and in this case enroll them for skateboard lessons and let a professional teach them to be safe in the long run.”

3. Elbow braces

During any physically demanding activity, your child’s developing joints can take a lot of damage. Things like tennis elbow can start in early childhood as impacts bounce through the arm and are absorbed by the elbow. From falls and bike crashes, to baseball, softball, and tennis, wearing an elbow brace can make all the difference for your child’s ligament health and development.

4. Knee braces

Just like the elbows, the knees take the brunt of the impact damage for your child’s legs. When running track, playing almost any sport, or even just riding their bikes, children are at a high risk for lasting damage to the muscles and ligaments that form the knee. Wearing a brace can help absorb the shocks from falling, jumping and running to keep your child’s knees protected and functioning as they should throughout their lives.

5. Compression socks

As children run and play, they are always at risk for twisting or spraining their ankles, that’s why the added support from compression socks can be vital. Especially during the big game. Quickly shifting directions in basketball or kicking at the wrong angle in soccer can create painful damage like ankle rolls or sprains. It’s not always enough to simply have the right shoes. Apart from compression socks in different lengths and sizes, you can also go for buying leg sleeves for soccer, football and basketball that can also provide adequate cushioning and safety to your child, while he/she is enjoying his/her favorite sport.

Sports are a lot of fun. Teams are where so many kids make their first friends and learn the value of working together, but it’s also an environment of risk. Sports and other demanding physical activities can leave your children with injuries that affect them over the course of their lives. That’s why effective protective gear like helmets, mouthguards, elbow braces, knee braces, and compression socks for kids are necessary for your child’s safety and continued health.


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