What to expect when a pet is euthanized?

euthanize the pet

We all love our pets and consider them as our family members. Sometimes the situation becomes tricky when our pet gets an incurable disease. Euthanizing your pet is an idea that gives shiver to the pet owner as they feel they are murdering a family member and lifelong friend. I know it’s a very tough decision that the pet owner has to take. In this article, we are discussing pet euthanasia and what to expect when the pet is euthanized.  Many animals die naturally, but some face terrible health conditions. They can’t tell us about their health condition. As a pet owner, it is important to visit the veterinaries regularly to keep a check on your pet’s health. If the pet is okay? If his/ her walk is fine? Most of the time, we are unable to recognize any problem in them, and in such cases, an expert comes in handy. 

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is defined as a procedure to kill a patient suffering from incurable diseases to painless death or coma, which cannot be reversed.

Why do we need to euthanize the pet?

Because there are some medical conditions in which our pet goes through an immense amount of pain and their disease is incurable; therefore, we need to euthanize them. The majority of vet doctors provide this facility only at the clinic, but if you are someone who wants to euthanize the pet at home, you can hire https://pethomeeuthanasiaservice.com. It is one vet service provider who can help you euthanize your pet at home so he can have his final moments at home.  

If you are someone who is emotionally attached to your pet and think you are not able to do giving you another view of it.  You do not realize it, but you are helping your pet by euthanizing them, as you are decreasing their pain. 

How is the euthanasia process performed?

Most of the doctors perform this process by injecting its high dosage into the leg of the pet, and the pet goes into a deep sleep then irrecoverable coma and then afterword it dies.

Before going for this final option of euthanizing your pet, you have to keep these things in mind. 

What is the disease that your pet is facing? 

On what stage your pet is at?

Do you have enough resources to get the treatment done?

Are you emotionally and physically strong to save your pet’s life?

How is the disease affecting your pet’s life?

Majority of the pets are facing diseases like brain cancer or heart disease, which are life-threatening. For cancer, they have to undergo the procedure of radiation which is very painful. Your pet is not going to tell you what health condition that he/she is facing, but these are some signs which you can notice easily and can help you tell you about the health condition of your pet.

  • Pet will stop eating the food 
  • Pet will stop responding to your greetings. 
  • Stop moving from one place to another, Feeling lethargic.
  • Pets become Inactive 


When a pet’s health condition is not well, it does not eat food nor consumes water. They become weaker with each passing day and start to lose weight. If you see these signs, you have to visit the vet.


Pets are attached to us like our children. When we get back home from work, they come to us and show its happiness towards us. It’s a sign of love and affection. If it stops responding to your greetings, give them extra care and consult the doctor. 


Some pets stop moving when they feel low, and they sit in the corner of your house like cats stop travelling from one place to another, horse sits down while they are near to death, cows and sheep also go quite. 


You have to look out for its activities. Because usually, pets are active and playful. When they become inactive and stop responding to you, stop taking food, and you cannot see any betterment in their health condition after the medication, then it’s high time to narrow down your option. If your vet has given you the option of euthanizing then now is the time you need to think wisely about this decision. 


Usually, in cats or dogs, this process consists of intravenous injections which are suggested by the vet. It contains pentobarbital and has phenytoin in it. The colour of the solution is usually pink or bluish purplish tone tint like and thick in texture.

The best and effective way of this treatment is getting them injected through the veins (intervenes catheter) and should be done through the injection on the leg. This is the most effective way as it decreases the pain of an animal and helps them die peacefully. The process results in making the pet feel sleepy and relaxed as they get relief from the pain. Later on, the solution of euthanasia is then injected on the pet’s vein, and within seconds, your pet will go without having pain. It is due to cardiac arrest causing your pet to die without pain.


When the treatment is done, your vet will confirm the death of your pet by listening to the heartbeat, although it is a very difficult time for a pet owner to say goodbye. But you have to do it. During this emotional situation, you must be strong. Also, upon death, there may be a release of some fluids like urine, etc. This is a result of relaxation of muscles of dog, and the eyes of the dogs remain open too.


If you want to feel good after your pet dies, you need to go to places where you and your pet used to go and used to have fun. Think about the memories that you and your pet have shared, the days full of fun and enjoyment. Think about the places you always wanted to enjoy with your pet, go there and have fun.

Also if you want you can always adopt a new pet, search adoption centres and buy one which will not only give you the feeling of your pet but you will also get a chance to divert the attention.


Death is certain, we all know that, but by euthanizing your pet, you can at least have a surety that you have given him/ her an easy death. We often have to make difficult decisions for our loved ones, and the decision to get your pet euthanized is one of them.


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