How to Host an Awesome Bingo Fundraiser: The Complete Guide

bingo fundraiser

Did you know that bingo began as a lottery in 1530? If you love bingo and are considering putting together a bingo fundraiser, we are here to help. Putting together any type of event can be overwhelming, we want to help you have as much fun as possible.

Keep reading to learn our tips to make your fundraiser a success.

Choose a Charity

First, you have to choose a charity that you want to donate the money to. You can choose if you want to donate to a charity that has helped you or someone you know in the past or a bigger fundraising initiative.

Once you choose your charity that will benefit from your fundraising efforts, let the attendees know where their hard-earned money is going and who will benefit from it. People are more willing to part with more money when they feel they are truly helping a good cause.

Choose a Venue

Next on your list is choosing a venue. You want to have enough room to accommodate everyone and not break the bank with the rental fees. If you have fewer people attending you might be able to cut down on rental costs by having it at your home, or in your backyard.

Sometimes a church or a school might not charge you if they feel the funds are going to help others in need. Do your research and choose the best venue for the budget.

Bingo Supplies

You can’t have a bingo fundraiser without the proper bingo supplies. If you want to save money on bingo cards you can go on sites online like Bingo Sites with Bingo Scanner to print out free cards. Some sites will even allow you to customize the cards.

You can customize them to have the color theme of the charity of your choice and add their name at the top if you choose.

Instead of spending money on bingo daubers you can opt for pens. You can also give people the option to bring their own in case they prefer a dauber over a pen.

Another supply you need is the bingo numbers. Thanks to technology you can save money on a bingo cage if you use a random number generator (RNG) instead. This is completely free to use, which means more money will go to the charity of your choice.

If you do not want to call numbers or can’t find someone to do it, the RNG can do it as long as you raise the volume on your computer everyone can hear the numbers called.

Ready to Host an Awesome Bingo Fundraiser?

Now you have our top tips on hosting an awesome bingo fundraiser. What a perfect excuse to have a get together while raising money for a cause! Do not wait until the last minute to set everything up, unless you want to feel like an overwhelmed mess while you are planning your fundraiser.

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