The Affect Drugs and Alcohol Could Have on Your Intimate Relationship

intimate relationship

It’s no secret that any kind of addiction can lead to issues elsewhere in one’s life.

It’s near impossible to stop this kind of behavior from spilling over to other important areas, like one’s relationships.

A dependence on drugs, alcohol, or both can be hard on an intimate relationship. The body tends to prioritize this dependence above all else, which means trouble for the person that is supposed to come closest.

How can this sort of issue affect a relationship, and what should you do?

Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

Lies and Deceit

A person who is struggling with a serious addiction will likely not want to admit they have a problem. They might not even want to admit it to themselves.

As a result, it’s easy for the person to get into the process of lying and hiding the truth. Instead of saying they were at a bar or a party where drug use occurred, they might make up a story about where they were.

The continuation of these lies can erode the careful balance of trust that is the foundation of any good relationship. Things might even go so far that the addicted individual uses a device like a Whizzinator to avoid the truth coming out about their problem.

It’s important to find a way to be open and honest about the issue at hand if the relationship is to survive.

Violence or Abusive Behavior

One of the most dangerous possible side effects of drug or alcohol abuse is the potential of physical or emotional abuse within a relationship. Often, those who are deep into an addiction cycle are more likely to lose control of their emotions and lash out in some fashion.

In some cases, this may even take the form of physical harm to the other person in the relationship. This can be very hard to process and work through.

Often, when the person sobers up again, they will become very apologetic. However, the drinking or drug use will continue and these tendencies may reoccur. It can become a cycle that is hard to get out of, despite how common it is for many men and women out there.


If both partners in a relationship have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can be even more difficult for them to get clean. This unhealthy relationship can only worsen the situation between the two parties.

In some situations, couples may feel as if drinking or doing drugs is the only fun thing they can do together. It’s easy to prevent recovery if you have someone so close to you urging this kind of behavior on.

It’s best to seek help if you are struggling with a dependency issue—for the health of you and your relationship!

Addictions and Your Intimate Relationship: Not a Good Mix

An intimate relationship is an amazing thing one can share with another person.

However, a dependency on drugs and alcohol can make things difficult or even dangerous.

Have more relationship questions or looking for advice? Keep scrolling our blog for more.


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