Pest Control 101: 5 Helpful Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away

pest control tips

Nothing is worse than walking somewhere in your home and watching a pest run past you. You do everything you can to keep your home clean, but pests still get in and start making a mess.

You need to do everything you can to stop this problem before it gets worse. Termites alone cost $2 billion in damages every year.

You can avoid costly repairs and removal costs by stopping pests before they are a problem. Follow the five pest control tips below to make sure you don’t encounter an unwanted guest.

1. Trim Your Landscape

Pests need to get into your home from somewhere. Unfortunately, many people give pests access by ignoring the maintenance of their landscape. Outdoor pest control is the first place to start when stopping pests from getting into your house.

Regularly trim your tree branches and plants outside to make sure they don’t overgrow on to your house. These are points of entry for pests. They can gain access to your home by climbing to your home from your plants and trees.

2. Check Your Weather Stripping

Your weather stripping is there to keep out the elements. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always hold up. You can end up with gaps that allow things to get through.

Check your doors and windows to make sure all the weather stripping on them is in good shape. Even the smallest holes are enough for pests to slip through and infest your home.

3. Keep Counters Clean of Food

Pests go to where the food is. If you leave food all over your counters, you’ve inviting unwanted guests to a gourmet.

It’s simple and easy to clean food off your counters after your done. Removing food sources is one of the best ways to incentivize pests to find another home.

4. Remove Standing Water

If you have clogged gutters or dips in your land, it’s easy for water to pound. Not only does this help algae grow, but it also attracts pests.

Standing water is the perfect place for mosquitos and gnats to flock to. Other larger animals will gravitate to it, as well. Birds and rodents will nest near it to stay close to a water source.

5. Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

It’s tempting to keep firewood close. You don’t want to go for a long walk in the cold when you want to warm up the house.

The problem is that termites are attracted to firewood. The closer your wood is, the better the chance that termites will make it into your house.

Take These Pest Control Tips Seriously

You might think a pest here or there isn’t a big deal. You’ll realize soon after that if you don’t get your pest problem under control, you’ll face an even bigger problem. Follow the pest control tips above to solve your pest problem before it gets worse.

Now that you’re getting your pests under control, you can start improving other parts of your home. Keep reading our blog to find our latest tips for sprucing up your home.


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