Various Types Of Boat Motors

Various Types Of Boat Motors

The type of boat engine you choose is crucial. The weight and power that the engine has should also be high up on the list as it will affect how your boat performs on the water. For instance, when it comes to size, you should opt for the highest maximum horsepower according to the rating of the boat. As for the power, there are various different fuel delivery types and each one has its own advantages so it’s definitely worth reading up on.

Different Types Of Boat Motors 

On any boat, the engine is the essential component that gives the vessel its horsepower and essentially the ability to do what it does so well. Moreover, it’s great you have stumbled upon this article and are reading up on the various types of boat motors available on the market. This way you can track down the perfect one that is suitable for your needs.

When looking at boat motors, you should not only think about the power but also the weight as mentioned above. There are a few considerations when it comes down to motors for your boat and finding reputable Mercury outboard dealers will see you in the right direction. Apart from that, here are the main types of motors out there.  

  • Diesel inboard engine – These are designed like the old school gas engine and use compression to power up the boat. The diesel motor uses tools such as cylinders and pistons to do this. You should get to know the maximum amount of horsepower for your boat as diesel engines do vary with power. As they are heavier, they are naturally used on bigger boats rather than smaller ones. They generally last long, are cheap to run and have great torque. 
  • Gas inboard – These motors are usually used in maritime vessels and its versatility makes it useful for a number of boat types from speed boats to massive cruise ships. As it is inboard, the drive runs via the bottom of the vessel and has a different rudder to steer. There are some great benefits to this type of motor such as its simplistic driving system, easy maintenance, cheaper costs to run and a quiet sound so there’s minimal disturbance. 
  • Outboards – This type of engine is normally a separate and self-sufficient unit that has everything needed such as the engine, gear and propeller all in one part. This is then linked to the transom. These days, the most common outboard is the four-stroke but there are still plenty of two-stroke motors around depending on what your needs are. 


As you can see, there is a lot to know when it comes to a boat’s motor. Finding the right motor for your boat and your fishing needs will be crucial so make sure you do your research and choose wisely! 





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