Top Reasons to Add Tokyo to Your Bucket List

Top Reasons to Add Tokyo to Your Bucket List

Travelling feeds our soul. No wonder that we always try to visit as many places as possible to keep expenses in check. However, due to the availability of so many incredible sites all over the world, it is sometimes intimidating to decide on the perfect destination. Therefore, in case you are wondering about a place that deserves to be on your list, refer to Tokyo.

Here are some of the Important Reasons why Tokyo deserves to be on every Travel Enthusiast’s bucket list:

To Witness the Sophisticated Railway Services

One of the most famous attractions of Tokyo has to be its spectacular railways. Around 13 subway lines and more than about 100 routes run through this place. Such an incredible railway system has made this location one of the most popular tourist places in the world.

Meet the Emperor

What can be more exciting than actually meeting the family of the emperors? Yes, you heard it right. Once a year, either in December or January, you get to meet Emperor Akihito and his family in the Imperial Palace. The family comes to celebrate the monarch’s birthday, along with the commencement of New Year Eve. Try to book the Tokyo hotels around this location to make sure not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The Best Place for the Geeks

Akihabara is the hub for the geeks or tech lovers as you can find every kind of digital innovations right here. Amidst the large gadget stores all around, you can also find huge departmental stores for the shopaholics here. Right from fashion to gadgets, you can find it all right here.

Experience the History

Relive the historical experiences all over in Tokyo in the famous Kabuki Theater.  The shows held at Kabuki are quite renowned across the global platform for their incredible performances along with detailed makeups. 

View the Marvelous Sights of the Cherry Blossoms

The rows of the cherry and the plum trees found on both sides of the roads here are simply mesmerizing to watch. If you manage to visit the place during the season, you get to witness the trees blossoming with joy and happiness. You also get the picturesque backdrop for the perfect photos here.

Temples and the Famous Shrines

The oldest and the most popular shrine here is the Sensoji Shrine, which offers the best place to meditate and reflect upon life. Come and visit these famous shrines and temples in Tokyo to learn more about the culture and traditions of this place. 

Visit the Floating Island

Odaiba is located in a nearby location to Tokyo, which has its floating island with fantastic architecture and restaurants. You also get the chance to visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation here. In case you are traveling with kids, this place is a must-visit for fun-loving activities.  

Japanese Food Porn

Another reason why you must visit Tokyo would be the finger-licking Japanese cuisine. Taste the sushi here, and you will crave for it forever. Apart from this option, you also get plenty of opportunities to dig in a while visiting this place. So, this one has to be on top of the list for the food lovers.

Apart from these reasons, Tokyo is also famous for its outstanding contribution to movies and the fashion industry. You can find different types of street fashion as well as other trendy lines for reference here. So, whether you are a food or a fashion lover, book appropriate Singapore to Tokyo flights today and visit this place at once.


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