Ring Design: All You Need To Know About A Halo

Ring Design

If you are planning to get engaged any time soon, or are simply interested in ring design, the halo ring is a very popular style, especially with diamond engagement rings, which forms a solid foundation for a large selection of stones, and the halo played a major role in Art Deco designs, enabling large emeralds and rubies to be presented with a cluster of varying stones.

Geometrically Sound

When adding a halo to a ring band, you are placing another circle on top of the original circle, the horizontal onto the vertical, which leaves a solid platform as a stage for your design. Large rings were very much in fashion through most of the eras, especially Art Deco, and if you would like view some argyle diamonds at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, an online search will allow you to browse some stunning pink halo rings.

Halo Options

It is traditional for a halo ring to have small pavé diamonds at least halfway around the ring band, and if you want to follow the guidelines of the Art Deco period, there must be an equal number of stones on either side of the main stone, giving the ring symmetry. The centre stone could be colourless or a pink Argyle stone. You can also have a custom jeweller create a number of small stones in such a way that you get the sparkle of a big stone, but at a much less cost.

Centre Stone Cut

Both the Brilliant Round and the Princess Cut are very popular with a halo ring, while the shape also allows for Emerald, Pear and Marquise cuts. By searching with Google images, you can view many fine examples of stone cuts, which might give you some inspiration for the design of the ring.

Pavé Colour

Your pavé stones can be any colour you wish. However, it is recommended to take your skin tone into account when selecting the pavé stones. If you have a favourite shade of pink or green, this is the ideal choice. You might prefer emeralds or sapphires, which look great against a colourless central diamond and cost much less than using coloured diamonds.

Number of Halos

While the halo started out as a single, you can now have double or triple halos, which simply makes the ring look larger and more complex. A triple halo can be simply too big, and most women would not want to add a third halo, but if you are having the ring designed and want 3 halos, why not?

The Shank

The big question is to pavé or not? The ring looks a lot cleaner without pavé on the shank. It is also easy to resize considering that our knuckles expand as we age. However, if you insist on that extra bling, pavé works.


White gold or platinum both work with a halo design, with the platinum contrasting well with the sparkle. Platinum never tarnishes too, which means you’ll have a shiny ring at all times. If your diamonds have a tint of yellow, then yellow gold is a great choice as the two yellows play against each other, and rose gold can also be the right shade, depending on the colour of the stones.halo design

The halo design is a very popular choice and by searching online for custom jewellers, you can design your very own diamond engagement ring.


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