Learning To Utilize VoIP Effectively for Customer Communication

Learning To Utilize VoIP Effectively for Customer Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a must-have for streamlined customer engagement. VoIP allows for voice communication sessions over the Internet instead of through a public switched phone network. It is similar, in some ways, to a traditional digital phone system, but some significant differences make VoIP indispensable in customer communication. 

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. This allows you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other devices that are data-driven. 

Connecting Customers to the Right Person 

It happens way too often… a customer ends up waiting for minutes on end to talk to the person that can best assist them. Customers are caught in an endless loop with agents trying to transfer their calls to the correct person that can help them. This inefficient process inevitably creates anxious and dissatisfied customers versus finding the right person that can help to resolve their concerns. 

VoIP phone systems streamline the communication process by using technologies such as interactive voice response and automated attendants. The partnering of these technologies gets customers to the right person as quickly as possible. 

Personalized Customer Service 

With traditional phone systems, there is often no connection between customers and their personal information. Once a customer service agent starts talking with a customer, they have to typically look through a computer or paper files to access information regarding a customer. This means waiting time for customers. 

VoIP telephone systems give customer service agents access to customer information as soon as the phone rings. This helps to make interactions between customers and agents more personable, informative, fluid, and efficient. 

Organized Customer Information 

Not only do VoIP telephone systems automatically bring up caller information, but they also group and organize it based on the customer’s needs. Many healthcare organizations use utilize VoIP to more efficiently handle patient calls. Practices can organize patients based on their preferred practitioner, medical requirements, payment information, and other specific details. Upon receiving a call, the staff can almost instantly access details on the patient, which allows them to quickly understand how to best help them. 

Customized Communication Through Texting

A large part of communication that transpires in today’s world occurs through text. Traditional phone systems are not designed to handle the technological demands of modern communication. When a customer asks for a business to communicate with them through text instead of regular phone calls, a business will struggle to meet this request if they do not have a VoIP telephone system in place. 

VoIP combines both calling and text messaging. Customers can receive appointment confirmation, reminders, and other information via text. Text messages can be personalized to further solidify the relationship with the customer. 

Integration of Multiple Communication Channels

VoIP phone systems can integrate calling, texting, emailing, online chats, and social media use. This integration allows for agents and managers of an organization to easily look through email, texts, and other communications with a customer or patient all at once.  

Improved Data Analysis

Traditional phone systems do not typically do any kind of data analysis. Often, the most they do is keep a call log and even those records are usually limited. The lack of storage prevents organizations from doing the type of analytical work that is necessary in today’s data-driven world. VoIP offers tools to store communication records and easily analyze them to improve upon the organization’s overall business strategy. 

Business owners can easily access calls, old text messages, online activity and more to eliminate inefficiencies and find ways to improve the overall customer experience. When hosting conference calls, VoIP services can be examined by looking at a conference call providers comparison

Any organization that involves customers or patients should always seek to simplify and improve upon communication systems. Learning to utilize VoIP effectively for customer communication makes simplification and improvement possible. Though there are many providers on the market today, it is important to select one with a solid reputation for excellence. Global Call Forwardingoffers VoIP and has been providing global communication solutions for business and personal use for over two decades.


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