How To Use Virtual Numbers in Your Online Sales Strategy

Virtual Numbers in Your Online Sales Strategy

E-commerce revenues are expected to reach 4.88 trillion by 2021 and the competition is fierce. Business owners must aim to stand out among the crowd and it is necessary to find ways to establish a customer base. Investing in the latest technological tools, such as virtual numbers, is a prime way to stay ahead. 

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is cloud-based, so it works without the need for a traditional landline. Virtual numbers represent significant cost savings for companies that use them, as well as boost corporate productivity and operational efficiency. You can’t beat that!

Virtual Numbers & Call Recording

Providing excellent customer support to customers is vital for any online sales strategy. A business purchases a virtual number for the online sales-based business. This immediately opens the door to a plethora of features that also serve as tools to boost sales. Call recording is one of those features that a business can benefit from. With the call recording feature, call center staff can record phone calls with customers. This gives staff and managers the ability to access the recordings, later on, to help with staff training and to improve efforts and ensure the highest quality customer service.  

Call Forwarding & Constant Communication

With so much competition in the e-commerce industry, a business cannot afford to miss calls at any time of day. A missed call can easily translate into losing customers to a competitor. Another virtual number feature that is priceless when planning an online sales strategy is call forwarding. Call forwarding keeps the lines of communication open for customers at all times. A business can have calls forwarded to another number if someone is going to be out of the office or to another call center due to time zone differences. The goal is to offer superior customer service in a timely manner. Furthermore, call forwarding and receiving calls around the world is super easy if your company has a virtual phone number. If you own a company overseas but need to reach your customer base in the US, it’s in your best interest to look into buying a virtual USA mobile number. This enables you to establish a strong local presence by ensuring that your company’s calls always come from the US, regardless of where your employees are located. 

Automated Attendant

Along the same lines of keeping communication lines open with customers, an automated attendant feature is also extremely advantageous to an online sales-based business. There may be times that a phone attendant is not available. During these times, a business owner will set up an interactive voice response system. With an automated attendant, there is a menu from which the caller can choose. The caller is then directed to the department or specific staff member they need to speak with. You can find software like  Replicant call center automation that simplifies the process and allows your business to save money on telecommunications salaries.

Marketing Campaigns 

Online sales strategies and marketing campaigns go hand-in-hand. In today’s technology-infused world, virtually all marketing campaigns must include an online sales strategy component in order to be effective. 

Tracking results of marketing campaigns is essential. A marketing manager will look at the results of campaigns and then compare/contrast individual campaign efforts. A manager does this to see what is working and what is not. Modifications are made based on these tracking efforts. Virtual numbers allow for easy tracking. A manager is able to access data collected through the use of virtual numbers and determine which efforts the company should continue to pursue and which others should, perhaps, be terminated. 

 How Do I Purchase a Virtual Number?

Purchasing a virtual number is generally quite simple. A business owner finds a reliable and reputable virtual number provider and signs up. If you were to do a call forwarding comparison or a comparison of virtual numbers providers in general, you will find that Global Call Forwarding stands apart from the rest. Global Call Forwarding excels in offerings, price points, and experience. 

The face of retail has changed dramatically over the years. There has been a massive movement toward digital platforms and e-commerce ventures have taken off. The transition has been transformational and accessing the right tools, such as virtual numbers, to stay relevant and ahead of the competition is a must. A business owner that wants to keep customers happy must invest in virtual numbers as part of their online sales strategy and overall business model. Global Call Forwarding assists all types of businesses with the integration of virtual numbers into their online sales strategies. Contact Global Call Forwarding today to learn more.


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