6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A West Palm Beach Roofing Company

Roofing Company

Building your dream home can be quite a feat. You have to hire a lot of people to ensure that the end product is true to your vision. Moreover, the team that you form can help boost the functionality of the furnishings of your home.

One of the contractors that you should hire is a roofing company. This team specializes in finding and installing the best type of roof for your property. A roofer isn’t just necessary for building your house from the ground up. They also provide valuable insights if you’re planning to renovate some areas in your residence. Because a roofing contractor is necessary for both new and remodeling home projects, you should make sure that you find the best one that will suit your needs and preferences.

Here are six things you should consider before hiring a roofing company:

  1. Office Location

Unlike other services that can be accomplished remotely, you must ensure that the roofer is based in the same locality as you. This way, they can easily visit your home when you encounter issues with their work.

If you’re living in Florida, West Palm Beach roofing companies, like MacDowell Roofing, provide excellent materials and services. For other areas, a quick search online can provide you with the list of top contractors near you.

  1. License And Insurance

Once you have a list of the roofing companies in your city or town, take the time to visit their offices. Ask to see their licenses and if they have insurance.

These documents are necessary to ensure that they are operating legitimately. The government requires contractors to comply with permits and other legal files to protect consumers. These legal certifications assure you that they follow the standards mandated by authorities.

The primary document that Florida roofers must have individually is the Division 2 contractor license. The agency must also have proof of financial stability. Insurance is a requirement as well to protect the consumer and workers.

The company you hire and its employees must have the legal certification that they’re allowed to provide this type of service. If they can’t show you the necessary permits, you should look for another provider to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.

One top tip when inquiring about their insurance is to ask them to give you the exact amount or, at the very least, the price range of their coverage. It’s relatively easy to say that their products and services are insured. However, it’s another thing to be able to prove that claim.

Make sure that the figure they state matches the requirements of your state or locality. Additionally, have them send you a copy of their insurance liability policy to guarantee their transparency.

  1. Technical Expertise And Industry Experience

Only workers aged 18 and up are given a working permit as a roofing contractor. Even then, one requirement is that they must have completed four years of education in the construction field. An alternative option is that they must have a mix of accredited college classes and practical work experience, with a minimum of one year as a foreman.

This is just the basic level of proficiency that the government asks from contractors. Those hired by an agency are often trained by seasoned roofers who know their way around construction.

You can determine a contractor’s technical expertise by scheduling an in-person consultation with them. Ask general questions about roofing, like, “What are the different types of roofing material,” and slowly move toward inquiring about what they would do about your property.

 Roofing Company

One question you should ask is whether or not they’ll remove your old roof. The answer to this should be a resounding yes. This is because a lot of contractors just put shingles over your old one without checking if there are soft spots or other problems underneath the existing attachments.

While removing the old roof and putting a new one may delay the completion of your construction or renovation project, you’ll be saving yourself from the stress and hassle that rotten wood might cause in the future. You’ll prevent spending money on an issue that could’ve been addressed if the contractor knew what they were doing.

The method of installation is also crucial in the roofing process. Aside from thinking about the type of roof that’ll be used, you should also consider how the contractors are going to put it on top of your home.

The roofing company you hire must have the right equipment, like ladder stabilizers and standoffs. These tools support the roof by keeping the weight of the ladder away from the gutters, which can destroy the water flow system at the upper portion of your house.

  1. Price And Work Portfolio

The cost of the company’s products and services is also a matter that you should consider. While you must think about your budget for the project, the price also shouldn’t be the only factor you think about.

You should cross-check the price and packages to the excellence and skillfulness of labor that they provide, as well as the quality of the materials that they use. You can do this by viewing their work portfolio, which may consist of images of their clients’ properties.

If possible, you may even want to visit the homes that they’ve completed or renovated to check the results in-person.

  1. Reviews And References

Since you’re already visiting the home of previous clients, you may be able to speak with them about their experiences with a particular roofing company. Getting first-hand testimonials is crucial so that you have an idea of what you can expect from a contractor.

You can also visit third-party review sites online and search for the company’s name. With this, you’re actually hitting two birds with one stone. You’re gathering information about a roofer’s quality of work while verifying its legitimacy as a brand.


A roofing company is a valuable part of your home’s construction or renovation team. Make sure that you find the best one for you, regardless of whether you live in West Palm Beach or New York.

You can do this by ensuring that their office is based in the same city as you, checking that they’re licensed and insured. You should also make sure that they have the technical expertise and industry experience while fitting right in your budget. Lastly, read up on reviews about how they work and see whether they’re an ideal fit for you and your home.


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