The benefits of owning a tankless water heater

tankless water heater

Hot water is essential to our daily lives. Showering, cleaning the dishes, cooking, washing clothes and other household tasks rely on a steady supply of hot water. The use of hot water in the home is such a necessity and a routine item that it is easy to forget what life was like without it.

As the years unfold, the tankless water heater continues to gain an edge over the traditional water heater. Unlike the latter, that leverages a storage tank to supply hot water, on-demand systems deliver a constant supply of hot water without the use of a storage unit. When a tap is turned on, cold water travels into the on-demand system and is heated up either through a gas burner or electric element. 

Some advantages of going tankless include: 

No compromises; You can simultaneously run all tasks requiring hot water

Tank heaters are a letdown, especially when simultaneously running tasks that need hot water. If you have several people taking a shower in a row, and the dishwasher and washing machine running; reserved water is unlikely to meet demand. You will either have to wait for minutes for your 40 to 60-gallon storage tank to refill or limit the number of concurrent applications for hot water. 

With Instantaneous water heaters, everyone enjoys an unlimited supply of hot water whenever they need it, regardless of coinciding demands. 

A tankless water heater installation saves a considerable sum of money over time

According to NexGen HVAC & Plumbing, instantaneous water heaters demand more initial costs of installation compared to the traditional tank models. However, they save money in the long run. Making them a worthy investment. 

Statistics published by the US Department of Energy estimated that gas-powered tankless units save an average of $108 in energy costs per year. On the other hand, electric-powered units save approximately $44 per year over their traditional counterparts. 

Even if no one is using hot water, tank models reheat water repeatedly, raising the energy bills. On a different note, tankless units consume energy only on-demand. 

Atop eventually paying for their high initial costs with energy-saving bills, on-demand water heaters for life enjoy a longer life, coupled up with extended warranties. 

On-demand water heaters are constructed to last

Tankless water heating units last as long as twice compared to their traditional counterparts. Thus, making an excellent investment in saving the overall cost of homeownership. Overly, the life of a water heater is impacted by water quality, usage, and maintenance routines. While a typical tank water heater has a lifespan of between 10 to 13 years, a tankless installation is estimated to last up to 20 years. 

Unlike standard water heaters that are regularly exposed to continual moisture, which results in corrosion, tankless models have less exposure to corrosion as they do not keep water heated continually but only on-demand. 

Instantaneous water heaters score high on safety

The main reason why instantaneous models score high on safety is the lack of a storage tank, which poses several dangers. There is no tank that can overheat, which can result in massive spikes in pressure causing explosions. 

Notably, the tankless units pose less danger to children. In addition to going unnoticed by kids, they do not grow hot on their exterior or utilize open flames that are likely to harm unattended children. 

 On a side note, if your tankless installation is gas-powered, you might have concerns about carbon-monoxide leakages. However, just like any other gas-powered system, scheduled regular maintenance will relieve you of any gas-leaks issues. 

Saves space

Tank heaters are bulky storage models that occupy a considerable amount of space in a home. Contrarily, most tankless units are the size of a suitcase. And can be unnoticeably mounted somewhere on the wall or any other inconspicuous place such as the basement. Therefore, if you have a much smaller home where every space must be put into full use, then tankless heaters are the best option for you. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for mobile homes. 

On-demand water heaters are more eco-friendly

If you are seeking new ways to go green in your home, then an instantaneous water heater is one of those options.  Firstly, the model consumes less energy, which is a green advantage. Secondly, they produce fewer carbon emissions than conventional heaters. Furthermore, on-demand water heaters not only consume fewer resources but also last nearly twice longer than traditional models. They, therefore, take a lesser toll on the environment by helping free up space in the landfills. 



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