Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding? Here Are 5 Pro Tips You Need!

Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding

Weddings are important, once-in-a-lifetime events that require plenty of planning, resources, and time on the part of the soon-to-be newlyweds. Weddings also have lots of trends, and one that’s becoming quite popular with many couples these days is the marquee wedding theme. There are plenty of reasons why this particular setup is popular with couples, but one that most people get wrong is thinking that it’s easier to plan, save, and execute these types of weddings.

In reality, a marquee wedding can be just as costly and difficult to pull off as wedding ceremonies indoors. As a matter of fact, it can even be more challenging to organise because everything needs to start from scratch—from organising the event down to the decorations—especially if you don’t have a professional to help you. The challenges in properly pulling off a marquee wedding can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made this list of the top 5 tips that will surely make those challenges a lot easier.

Tip #1: Analyse the site and style needed for the reception

Those in the marquee wedding for hire business are definitely going to ask you what kind of aesthetic you are going for. If you haven’t taken the time to analyse the site and style needed for the wedding reception area (due to not knowing where to start), you’ll be having a hard time answering their question. Before contacting any business that offers marquee rentals or services, be sure to answer these questions with yourself first:

  • Will the tables be square, long, or round?
  • Will there be windows and doors or will everything be completely open?
  • Would you want your favorite flowers, a pond, or a tree added into the garden?

Also, take note of the terrain the tents or marquees will be standing on. A-frame marquee will be needed if you plan to have your wedding and reception on hard-standing grounds like courtyards due to the guy lines and other supportive equipment.

Tip #2: Get the help of a professional

You can lessen the amount of anxiety, stress, responsibilities, and workload that you have by hiring a wedding planner. Marquee wedding venues have someone to deal with the banqueting issues, but you won’t have anyone to help you if you don’t hire a professional. Wedding planners can decorate, handle the delivery of goods, and supervise everything on and before the day of the wedding so you and your partner could enjoy and relax before your big day.

Tip #3: Think the design through

Hiring a marquee or tent is mostly about aesthetics. There’s something about the rustic vibe it gives off that seem to really stick well with people, and for the past couple of years, the trend for outdoor weddings with marquees were just open sides, traditional styles with zero linings, and bare trestle tables—very reminiscent to country designs. Nowadays, the designs have had a shift to a more chic and modern twist. When it comes to the design, try to think which one suits the theme best and then work from there.

Tip #4: Don’t fall victim to the norm

One of the advantages of opting for a marquee-for-wedding type is the fact that it allows the couple to ditch traditional norms and play around with the kind of fixtures they’ll be using. It’s for this reason that a lot of couples opt for a marquee wedding because of its versatility and the couples’ willingness to steer away from the norm. The setup is often suited for long banquet tables, which work outstandingly well for festive or rustic themes. Long tables are also easy to dress, and they don’t really require a traditional seating plan.

Tip #5: Keep everyone full

Similar to any type of wedding, food is a vital part of the entire experience. It’s important to check with the caterers you hired to figure out what they need in order to efficiently serve everyone with ample food during the wedding reception. Fresh or sparkling water should be made easily accessible to them, which can be done by simply utilizing an extendable hose in the catering services.

In general, marquee weddings should be treated like any other wedding ceremony—with a few unique exceptions. Making sure that everything goes well is important, but what’s even more important is that you and your partner get to enjoy this special day. After all, the day is meant to celebrate your union. So sit back and enjoy this special day because it only happens once.


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