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Modular Classrooms

In a world driven by consumerism, sustainability is the light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, we’ve been hearing about it a lot lately, it spread around the world quickly, but it’s not just a catchword that’s going to diminish in importance with time. Mainly this has to do with the fact that the core philosophy is about responsibly using the resources, something that benefits both humankind and the environment.

What’s fascinating about it, other than the impact it has and the benefits it provides, is the fact it can be implemented in any segment of life, including architecture and education. The perfect example for both comes in the form of the concept of modular classrooms

What modular means is that this type of classroom is prefabricated. And that’s what makes them different from the traditionally built alternative. Mind you though, they aren’t mobile, so much like the on-site built option, they too stay put. Thanks to how flexible this design is, it’s become possible to implement it with schools as much as with universities and other educational facilities.

Why modular?

To answer this question it’s best to use some of the benefits as examples, starting from the short timeline of the project, from scratch to finish. People who are used to traditional buildings know how long it takes to get the process started, get all the materials on the site and begin with construction. Things can easily come to a slowdown midway because of the weather, or theft, which isn’t the case with modular buildings.

Since the whole process is done in a factory, in an environment that’s controlled, there’s no threat of delays because the weather can’t affect the quality of the materials. And when you’re able to eliminate slowdowns from the risks, consequentially the project is finished off faster, up to 50% quicker than onsite construction. In other words, the modular classrooms are both cost-efficient and time-saving with the fixed price and building timeline. This is important especially for schooling considering time is of the essence when there are classes to think of – any delay in the constructions of classrooms would make for a domino effect on the classes.

Safety First

Perhaps you don’t view modular construction as something safer than onsite options, but finding out it goes through a great deal of inspection within the factories would convince you otherwise. This has to do with the strict local building codes and guidelines they follow, the same as the onsite counterparts. Every step of the process goes through inspection. And moreover, the quality of such constructions is much higher since each and every nail that’s applied, as well as glue, is done with transportation in mind; prior to being assembled on the site, the modules must withstand the transport. Of course, the state-of-the-art technology is also to be praised for this quality and everyone (the people providing the modular construction services, the workers, their families, the students, and the teachers) wins from the reduced risk of mistakes that usually result in accidents, injuries, and delays.

Unmatched Comfort

It is thanks to relying on innovation that makes it possible to implement various design ideas and materials in the creation of sustainable structures. This is exactly how modular construction companies create safer classroom environments unlike age-old alternatives consisting of asbestos. In addition to this, the choice of materials is made so as to improve indoor air quality by applying eco-friendly, zero formaldehyde products as well as those with low VOCs. 

But the increased comfort studying in such modular classrooms doesn’t end here. The design of this kind of learning environment successfully avoids past problems of ventilation and insulation related to heating and cooling with solutions like double-glazed windows. Hence, great news for both students and teachers. In the case of applying features such as high-performing acoustic panelling, there’s a positive impact on the acoustics of the classroom too.

Custom Design

Due to the flexibility of the modular design, you have a unique opportunity to get a building that’s customized for you, your specific school needs and the location, so there are unlimited design options. For example, if your classrooms are located in a particularly noisy area like an intersection, acoustic solutions can be applied to block out this noise. Then again, you have a say in the aesthetics too, something of great importance especially knowing how the design of the interior can impact a person’s creativity. So in a way, these outstanding modular classrooms would be of help with the student’s learning, specifically in how they express themselves.

Furthermore, if you need a classroom for an increasing number of students, fitting it in an already existent building, it’s nothing designers can’t take care of. After all, modular makes it easy to fit anywhere, using up the given space in the best way possible. Also, have in mind how quickly it can be constructed and assembled on the site – the assembling can be scheduled during holidays or even during the weekend, on short notice, depending on the size and specific design.

A Lesson of Sustainability

Can you think of a better way to teach students the importance and benefits of sustainability than by doing so in sustainable classrooms? The fact that modular classrooms are constructed in factories means there’s the precise use of the materials, neither more nor less. Therefore, one is able to avoid creating waste that ends up in landfills, common for the traditionally built counterparts.

These materials are, of course, eco-friendly! Besides, there’s also the reusing and recycling of certain materials, which is further in favour of the environment. On the plus side too, having a construction that’s well insulated and ventilated, and makes great use of the natural light, means you get energy-efficiency that results in saving money on energy bills as well as helping the environment. If you want a classroom that’s at the benefit of students, teachers and the community as a whole, this is it!



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