The Complete List of Foods That Are Super Easy to Dehydrate


Have you been looking for the perfect snack, packed with fiber and vitamins?

Many people snacks on fruits and vegetables to get this fiber and vitamins, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep these foods fresh.

Luckily, there is another way to consume these foods without a juicy mess.

Continue reading to discover the best types of food to dehydrate so that you can snack healthy and feel good!

1. Bananas

Are you looking for a sweet and healthy treat to munch on throughout the day?

Dehydrated bananas are the perfect food to dehydrate. There’s nothing worse than having to throw away bananas that have become overripe. Instead of tossing them in the garbage, you can transform them instead!

Bananas are a quick treat to make in the dehydrator when compared to other foods. You can simply slice the bananas and soak them in lemon juice to prevent discoloration. Bake them for 3 hours at the lowest setting you can use.

2. A Variety of Meats

One of the most common types of food that you can dehydrate is meat.

If you have ever had beef (or turkey) jerky, you’ve had dehydrated meat! Many people dehydrate meat that is seasoned to their liking. You can get a digital food dehydrator to help make the process easier.

Beef, turkey, and buffalo are a few popular types of meat that people dehydrate.

Many people think that meat would be a difficult food to dehydrate, but it isn’t! You can dehydrate by boiling your meat in water and coating it with a sauce or rub. The next step is to bake your meat at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-4 hours.

3. Root Veggies

Are you a fan of potato chips and crispy snacks?

If so, dehydrating root veggies like potatoes and turnips can be a healthier alternative! This snack will make you forget all about those unhealthy, fried chips. Every time you take a bite out of your crispy chip, you will get essential vitamins and nutrients.

The best part about dehydrating the veggies is that you can flavor them in any way that you want. Potatoes are excellent at absorbing flavor, while still being healthy.

Carrots are another root veggie perfect for dehydrating. They can offer a sweeter taste packed with vitamin C. The best way to make these are by baking them at your lowest temperature setting for about 4 hours.

4. Strawberries

Most places only have strawberries during certain times of the year.

If you were to dehydrate strawberries, you can stock up on them and have enough for the year. Strawberries are full of antioxidants and nutrients. Those looking to add more fiber in their diet should try this snack out.

This fruit is easy to dehydrate and comes packed with flavor. To dehydrate strawberries, you can slice them and bake at the lowest setting for 5-6 hours. The longer that you leave the strawberries in the dehydrator, the crispier they will become.

5. Apples

Apples are a fun fruit to dehydrate and can take less than 5 hours to make.

You can select your favorite apple and slice it up. Placing the apple slices in water and lemon juice can help prevent browning in the next steps. After the apples have been taken out of the water you can season them to your liking and dehydrate them for roughly 4 hours at 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cinnamon, honey, and caramel are a couple of delicious pairings to go with your crunchy treat.

6. Summer Fruits

Even in the winter months, you can have access to your favorite summer fruits and flavors.

Mangoes and melons are perfect summer fruits to dehydrate. Much like strawberries, you can bake these for about 5 hours at your dehydrators lowest temperature setting. These fruits provide a tropical taste and will transport you back to summer.

You should place all of your dehydrated fruits and veggies in an airtight container. Avoid placing your dehydrated foods in hot and humid places, moisture can spoil the food.

Another way of using your tropical and summer fruits is by blending them like a smoothie to create fruit leather. After you have blended the fruits you can pour them into the fruit leather tray and bake for 3 and a half hours.

7. Eggs

You may be questioning how eggs have made the list but they are an excellent food to dehydrate!

If eggs are on sale or you have more than you need, you can dehydrate them. Making powdered eggs can speed up cooking time in the future and help in recipes. You can quickly rehydrate powdered eggs with water and use them for baking recipes and breakfast sides.

To make dehydrated eggs you must whisk the eggs in a bowl until they become foamy. After the consistency is met, you can pour the liquid into your fruit leather tray on your machine. The eggs will take about 9 hours to bake and should be cooked at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The correct consistency should be dry and flaky.

8. Yogurt

Have you ever seen those yogurt baby snacks that look like a Hershey Kiss?

Chances are, they were bite-size pieces of dehydrated yogurt. Putting your favorite type of yogurt in the fruit leather tray of your machine on the lowest setting can help you make these sweet little bites. Make sure that you let them fully dry before moving them, this could take up to 8 hours.

Dehydrate Your Food for Better Health

If you frequently travel or want to receive your vitamins and nutrients in a non-messy way, dehydrated foods are a perfect solution.

By utilizing this guide, you can dehydrate your favorite foods and get all the benefits!

Some of the most common types of food that people dehydrate are meats, apples, and potatoes. Many other types of food can also be hydrated. Eggs are often not thought of but can offer the perfect solution for having eggs when you run out.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about eating healthy and getting all of your nutrients!


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