Tips For Choosing The Right Color Awning For Your Business

Right Color Awning For Your Business

First impressions matter in life and in business. Choosing the right color awning for your storefront or business can make your building more visually appealing, increasing the likelihood that customers will walk through the door. People are visual creatures who will almost always judge a book by its cover. Knowing how the right color scheme for your commercial building awning can play into the visual interests of customers is an asset that will help grow your business over time. Do you know which color business awnings will work best for your brand? Read on for a few key tips on choosing the right color awning for your business or restaurant.

Keep Brand Recognition in Mind

Odds are, you spent hours choosing a logo or color scheme for your brand’s marketing materials early on. You’re going to need to keep those colors in mind when choosing a commercial awning. (marandolas) If people already have an idea of what your brand is all about, you’re going to want to incorporate colors that will make it easy for customers to recognize your business at first glance. This ensures that those who are searching for your business will be able to easily locate it from the outside. If you haven’t yet established your brand, the colors that you choose will also help in creating this brand recognition for the first time. Now, let’s focus on how colors can really impact customer psychology.

Play Into Emotion

Playing into emotion is paramount in creating loyal customers who feel connected to your brand. Color is one way that any type of brand can play into inciting emotions in customers. The response that a certain color scheme can illicit is why certain types of businesses will always use specific colors for their logos or marketing materials. When choosing business awnings and canopies, it is important to keep these colors in mind. Keep reading for how popular awning colors can play into emotion and turn potential customers into lifelong customers.

Create Trust With Blue

Think of yourself as a customer. How does the color blue make you feel? Blue is a color that represents trust, wisdom, dependability, and calm. If you’re selling services or repairs, blue is a great color choice for your business awning or canopy. This color has been psychologically proven to increase feelings of trust, hence why so many top technology providers use the color for their logo.

Show Strength with Black

The color black exudes power, strength, and stability. If your brand is all about strength or standing firm, this is the color you’ll want to choose for your awning. Law firms and high-end clothing stores often use black to illicit feelings of luxury and power.

Go Bold with Red or Orange

Want to make a bold statement or exude fun and excitement? Go with a red or orange awning for your business. Companies implement red and orange to make a brand seem fresh, exciting, and new. These colors give off a youthful vibe and draw customers in with ease. This is why known brands such as Lego and Nintendo choose these color schemes.

Promote Nature with Green

If your business deals with food, especially those that are natural or organic, green are the perfect color choice for your business awnings and canopies. Green represents nature, growth, health, and healing. This is why recognizable brands such as Whole Foods use the color green on signage and bags.

The Key Point — Color Matters

You might think that color doesn’t matter when choosing a commercial awning, but research and psychology say otherwise. Choose colors that create brand recognition and illicit emotion. You’ll see increased foot traffic and sales in no time!


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